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Opinion on Test E and D-bol Cycle


I have been doing some research and I believe I have came up with the cycle that I am going to do. I am 20 years old been training seriously for 3 years, I started at 135 pounds and now weigh 165 and my height is 5'10". I squat a clean 295 for 5 reps and I can bench 250 1rpm I can dead lift 405. Lately in the past year I have been seeing little to no results, I try to eat as much as possible and I train 4-5 days a week. My routine lately has been Mark Riptoes starting strength routine (which worked very well in the beginning but even adding 5 pounds is very difficult in my main lifts. So there is a little back ground.

The cycle I have put together is Test-enth 250mgs a week for 10 weeks and I am stacking D-bol for the first 3 or 4 weeks at 30 mgs a day. My pct is nolvadex at week 11-14 going from 40 mgs tapering down to 20 mgs a day.

I know I am on the young side of using gear but any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.


Test Enthanate should be run at least 500mg total pinned 2x a week. You should also run Adex .25 to .5mg every other day, tapering off into pct.

Your pct should start 2 weeks after your last injection. You could get away with using more Dbol, but if you don't want to use more that's understandable.



add hcg it will help keep gains and recovery tremendously

doubt need any AI's like Arimidex or anything with such a light cycle but its always a good idea to have some on you just in case. But hcg will help you out a ton I think its a must for any cycle.

Honestly if your not making results your routine and diet need work though gear doesn't change that. Your lifting stats are on the low end you can easily make much more gains naturally but its your choice to use. Do you log your food intake daily and are you precise with macro nutrition? You might need to mix up a new routine also if your stalling.

You are on the very young side to start messing with hormones also, you can easily make some of the best gains of your life at 20 years old naturally and I feel its a waste to use gear so young with so little experience.


my advise...

EAT. you are not old enough,and I do not mean by birthday years but you are a beginner you been working out for 3 years.
and you weigh 165

have some patience. there are very few exceptions to the age rule and Im afraid you are not one of them.

spend your time reading and understanding the usage and effects of different drugs and not just lay out a basic cycle.
learn to eat
if you dont know how to eat you will never gain no mater what you take
you will be mucking up your natural system and doing no good to yourself
learn how to work out doing some ripptoes crap for a few years isnt going to cut it
learn what muscles do what and how to fire them and what works best for you

you have along long time left and I can not condone you putting anything into your body but lean meat and vegies at this point



Way too light and young. No where close to needing steroids at this point. Steroids are not a good idea for you (OP)


besides,you need to look into your plan a little better
250mgs a week of test is not normally enough to do much
so again you need to do alot more research


Thanks for the help, I guess I can agree I am being impatient. When at the gym seeing others my age using gear and getting faster results makes it very tempting.