Opinion on Size Program

I was just wanted to see anyone’s opinion on a new program I made for mass gain. For the squat complex I am deciding between the growth factor legs complex with Good morning, Front squat and back squat and a mechanical drop set of Front squats with a pause at the eccentric portion and bottom to pause at the bottom and finally regular front squats.

Day 1
Muscle Snatch 3x5
Front Squat 5x10
A1 Hip Thrusts 4x10
A2 Barbell Rollouts 4x10
B1 Hamstring Curls 3x12
B2 Pullups 3xAMRAP
B3 Band Pull Aparts 3x20
Biceps 3x10

Day 2
Hang Clean 3x3
OHP 3x5 1x8+ 70,80,90,60
A1 Row 4x5
A2 Suitcase DLs 3x10
B1 Behind the Neck 3x8
B2 Chinup Holds 3x10
Triceps 3x10

Day 3
Push Press 3x3
Squat Complex 4x5
A1 Latpulldown 4x10
A2 Bodysaw 4x8
B1 Plate Raise 3x10
B2 Leg Extensions 3x20
B3 Pullups 3x10
Biceps 50 reps

Day 4
High Pull 3x5
Bench 3x5 1x8+ 70,80,90,60
A1 SA Incline 3x8
A2 Chest Supported Row 3x8
A3 Glute Ham 3xx8
Triceps 3x10

I just saw I posted the same thread twice by accident sorry bout that not sure how to delete the duplicate