Opinion on Prioritizing Muscle Groups


In a need of help on prioritizing muscle groups. Doing for few years a lot of running, and a bit of rowing, swimming etc. All of my weight training has been full body training, and i would like to have an opinion what muscle groups should i target to get physic more aesthetic. What would you do?

Im not a bodybuilder as you see, and i honestly dont know what i should be targeting. Would be nice to have several opinions and advices


Definitely legs.


Shoulders, arms, lats.

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I agree with Chicken, wider lats and thicker triceps. And more mass throughout that area across the upper chest/clavicle to the front delts.

Great work so far! Lots of stuff is already Poppin’. Leaness is good. Abs are good. Lower and outer chest are good. Biceps are good. Mid back is good.


Since you havent been building much size there is no reason to put any bodypart on hold(prioritizing others). Get the food in, gain weight weekly, progressive overload.
Prioritizing makes sense only when you are so big your body doesnt have resources to grow all muscles anymore.

Even if u dont care for certain muscle groups, you have to remember the good old saying - want big arms - train legs. Body works as a whole. There is scientific data that when only 1 leg was trained, the other gained like 1% anyway(which just proves that our body works as a unit). Which means that if you leave off whole bodyparts, like legs that are probably at least 50% of our total muscle mass, the hormonal response, insulin sensitivity and different kinds of metabolism, you might lose a pretty big % of gains through out the rest of your body.

Those monsters who actually NEED to prioritize, still demolish the rest. Most people using the term “prioritizing” just mean doing 10 sets of stupid shit for some “upper chest” or “outer head of tricep” and just skipping legs. Thats not prioritizing, thats just half assing it.

There is nothing big on you. Your shape is better than average people, but besides abs, there is actually not much on, so…if you want to build, you can easy build your whole body for years, before youll ever need to prioritize.

Also, stop with the full body BS. Unless a complete beginner, its not realistic. A 4-5 day split. Learn to eat. Learn to train. Grow. Good luck.


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Because it takes A LOT to do legs, for example. Thats why many people even split up quads and hamstrings.
If u can do 2-3 sets of good reps close to actual failure on 3 exercises for quads and hams each and move on to do back, chest, etc you are either one in 10 million or you are not training much. An average bodybuilding split for just legs is 50-90mins. How can u do full body?
Full body only works for people who haven’t trained so 1 exercise is enough. In 6-8 months they would at least do a push/pull with quads included in push and hams in pull. 6 months more its push/pull/legs.

Who of top bodybuilders does full body?

Then you would be doing full body in a way that doesnt manage volume, intensity and frequency correctly. Done right it can work well in the beginner stage and beyond especially if it suits your schedule better than a full split. If push, pull, legs fits better then great, if a full split fits better then great.

Jordan Peters, for one.

I’m also doing full body right now, for what it’s worth. Don’t write it off so quick, i think you’re making inaccurate assumptions.

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@Andrewgen_Receptors JP does bodypart split splitted horizontally. What i mean by full body is doing a workout thats supposed to train whole body fully with 2-3 of these workouts. Splitting 6 leg exercises to one of each a day is not really a full body. A full body is when you can do that 1 day fora year and train whole body. Its not doable. What you mean by full body is just a horizontal bodypart split. There is no benefit to it as opposed to just doing regular splits, besides the placebo effect that you get to pump your arms every day a bit. It works just as well as regular split.

The thing with this is that volume being one of primary drivers of hypertrophy, no split can suit you better… the total amount of time spent on a muscle to progress, increases by the persons experience and doesnt change by how you split it. If you need 75min on legs a week, then it doesnt matter if you do em in one day, or do like 13mins every day with other bodyparts.

The original idea of full body was 3-5 compound lifts done 3-5 times a week to train all muscles. This idea goes out the window when a person starts to require an hour+ of volume for each bodypart.

Is there any reason you didn’t consider your legs for prioritization when you started this thread? This reminds me of myself after the first couple years before I started competing.

IMO, you have a nice balance among your upper body muscle parts. It would be arbitrary to say you need to prioritize “this” muscle over any other muscle. Pick one and prioritize a couple months, then pick another. (I say this with the sole idea of you wanting to achieve a more impressive physique.)

Just my 2 cents: No would could ever convince me in doing a total body workout if my aim was competing.

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A split can absolutly suit you better.

How many people need an hour + per body part?

When I was in my 40’s it took me a little more than an hour (usually about 75 minutes) for leg day. That included thighs, calves, and abs. Note that I did 9 warmup sets in squats before I did my first working set


Anyone who is over 220lbs lean and trains hard? Which bodybuilder needs less than an hour a week on just legs??

So thats 3 body parts and you were at a high level, way beyond what the original poster is currently. Thats totally reasonable.

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So very few people then.

I need about an hour total of rest time, with about 5 minutes total actually lifting when doing legs haha.

As you get stronger, I think things like warming up and resting takes longer. You just don’t see too many people that can do a set of 10 with heavy weight, then rest a minute and do another set. The rest period usually involves feeling like dying for about 2-3 minutes, then 2-3 minutes to get ready to subject yourself to that again.

Thanks for the answers this far. Maybe i need to make myself more accurate. Still running fast and good aerobic conditioning are the ones i will spend my time also.

I was trying to get advices if i should and how should i prioritize muscle groups for aesthetics. This is because i think i want some more aesthetics for my upper body.

For lower body, i do more volume for the backside and a lot of plyometrics and stuff that keeps me healthy and helps for running. I couldnt take any good overall pictures for legs that are appropriate (of it they could even be for male)