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Opinion on My Weight Gain


recently ive added a little more flub then i might have liked to because of the family situation when it comes to food. i feel that cutting some pounds off might be beneficial, but im afraid im noooooo where near built enough size to justify it. idk wither that im just fretting or maybe not
excuse the horrible posings
6'0 200 lbs
im 16btw


hmm well being 16, I'd take full advantage of naturally high GH and test levels and just concentrate on more size and strength.


sorry computer slow on other pics






Lift heavy and eat sensible! :wink:


you are fretting. Clean up your diet as much as possible, learn to cook but keep eating lots of food but GOOD food.

You are 16 years old. Do you want abs, chest and biceps and to look like edward cullen or do you want to be big and strong and then lose the fat. Most 16 year olds want the first thing so you decide for yourself. If you want to add any decent amount of muscle then simply clean up your diet and keep eating a lot and lifting heavy. Your program is probably okay as your legs seem to be slightly bigger than someone who doesn't lift at all. Keep at it.

If you don't know what a clean diet is or what you can cook just ask.


I agree with most of this post. The part where he is taking a back handed stab at your progress, I don't however. You have made some progress, and should be happy with the fact you're moving down the path.

Clean up your diet as much as possible, but I wouldn't recommend "cutting". You shouldn't be all out bulking if you aren't comfortable with yourself as is, so just be sensible.


Eat cleaner and your legs look good


where did I take a back handed stab at his progress? I don't even know what his progress is since he didn't mention today or before numbers or earlier pics...


If this was a compliment:

Then my B. I just didn't read it as an encouraging post. Maybe I've been on the internet too long.


Legs and chest look good. Maybe focus on eating most of your carbs during the peri workout period?


ill try and do some of this advice
current diet:
6 egg omelet, oatmeal, 16oz milk
two school burgers or grilled chicken and carton of milk
two turkey sandwitches and 16oz of milk
aftr workout GNC Whey shake
dinner is what ever my dad makes
snacks might be beef jerky depending on week

im very happy with my progress
i finally got 15 in arms and my squat is 285 x 5
i just got worried with the fat i began to get
for those who need it:
squat is said abover
deadlift 275 x 1 bleh
bench is 165 x 5
shoulder press is 120 x 5

with school and stuff starting up ive slowed down a bit but il starting to get used to less sleep again.


Try and replace your calories from milk with something else.

What are your macros and cals with that?

If your worried about fat gain, which you are, you have to start tracking that shit.

If you aren't worried about fat gain and just looking to get swole up, then you don't have to track what you eat too much (but don't be foolish, find Artem's thread in the TCell, very very very good read. Lots of good info in there.)

Are you on a budget? Because ground beef, tuna and chicken are cheap, and IMO better than milk. Milk is a "fuck this shit, I'm gonna get big and strong, fuck fat gain, fuck what anyone thinks, I'm gonna bust my ass and take shit down with me" type foodstuff. If your nervous about fat gain, I would replace my milk cals with solid foods first.

Again, this is my opinion.


I'd also say, don't panic at this point, you are fine.

Just tighten your shit up by first tracking what you are taking in.

Do you have a smart phone, or an ipod touch?


what about replacing the milk with some 80/20 beef patties? thats all we can afford right now, not the healthiest beef but
illl start tracking when i can and im adding some fasted cardio on my dad's eliptical 4 times a week for 20-30 mins just walking


Canned salmon and tuna. Get them in bulk at costco.


what can I mix with canned salmon or tuna that's non-fat and non-carb? for meals that I can have fat with, I've made tuna salad with cottage cheese and salt/pepper to taste, but I haven't figured out a non-fat alternative yet.

or even a fast-digesting carb for post-workout meals would do. some combo other than canned tuna, ketchup or soy sauce and white rice.


The tuna suggested is good too.

Their are websites where you can punch in what you ate and it tracks all the shit for you. I think you would get a lot of good feedback from something like that.

Be happy your head is in the right place, you're heading in the right direction, and you are bright enough to react to change.


I normally eat tuna plain, with olive oil or hot sauce.

I get this shit called "Tiger Sauce" pretty damn good IMO.