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Opinion On My Numbers. Should I Adjust Dose?

This test was about 100 hours after my last injection. I inject 60mg MWF. I took my shot Friday morning, skipped Monday and was tested Tuesday morning. I was actually expecting the number to be much lower.

A little history… Been on TRT for about 7 months. I started at 120mg and one shot per week. First labs came back at 410 at the trough, 7 days after my last shot. Doc told me to up to 140mg. On my own I decided to go to daily shots. Retested after 12 weeks and was 1001. Since I was pinning daily this would be my average. I also realized or thought I was actually taking more than 140mg because my supply was running low early. I was only drawing .1ml daily but pulling drawing back on the syringe to pull any liquid out of the dead space and needle.

Long story not so short. Even at 1001 I wasn’t feeling optimal. Better but not great. I decided to up the dose to 180mg per week split into 3 60mg shots. I was a bit surprised to see my test this high 100 hours post my last shot.

Looking for opinions on these numbers. Is 1341 100 hours post last shot too high? Where would that put me at peak. Not sure if I should lower slightly.

Testosterone Serum - 1341 ng/dL
Estradiol - 35.8 pg/mL
PSA - .4 ng/mL
Testosterone Free direct - 22.1 pg/mL
Hematocrit - 44.2

Is it working?

I definitely feel better but honestly don’t feel awesome. Thought I would feel even better at these numbers. Libido is low, I know that is probably a mental thing. Workouts are better but not great. My sleep is not ideal.

I think I am going to ride it out for a bit. Just thought I would feel more ‘optimal’ at these numbers.

Reasonable choice. What were your pre TRT levels and has TRT helped your libido at all?

Pre TRT I was 250. Libido really hasn’t increased at all. If anything it is worse.

There are so many things that need to be right to have a strong libido, you need to be able to check off all of these areas below. It seems like no matter what protocol you’re on, libido is low and this is telling me testosterone isn’t the only reason for low libido.

Something else is lowering your libido.

Things that affect libido:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Poor sleep
  • Medications
  • Stress/depression
  • Low testosterone
  • Infections
  • High prolactin
  • Low thyroid hormones
  • Alcohol & drugs
  • Surgery
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol

Only thing on that list that applies to me is poor sleep. I don’t think my sleep is ‘poor’ per se, just not enough.
I fall asleep quick and don’t get up at all during the night. Usually crash by 9PM and find myself up looking at the

clock by 3AM and cannot fall back asleep. I think I sleep well but it is only for 6 hours. I don’t find myself overtired

and taking naps. I think it is mostly mental. My performance has sucked so I guess that makes me less interested.

OK, I doubt TRT is the answer for your libido then. Typically, a dose increase will do. You went from 250 to 1300 four days post injection without any improvement. That’s a five fold increase, can’t think you would get anything increasing it further. You’ve been on plenty long enough too.

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It took about 4 months on a steady protocol for my libido to be consistent. It took about 3 months to have any sort of libido whatsoever. You likely just need to give yourself more time and be careful about getting the libido problem in your head and causing it mentally.

Should point out these two variables can be paradoxical… 5 alpha reductase inhibitors may decrease libido whilst something that releases dopamine in mass amounts, say amphetamine sulphate or desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride) may increase libido dramatically

I’m actually dumbfounded desoxyn is still approved for medical use @highpull, you’re a medical professional, what’s you’re take on this… it should’ve been phased out decades ago… right? Just like how methyltestosterone is still approved for use as TRT… does it work… sure, but testosterone is a far better alternative, far less toxic (same ideology when thinking of using amphetamine vs methamphetamine for ADHD)

I had the weirdest reaction to them long term. Libido dropped in the beginning but over the years slowly increased to crazy (for me) levels. Like, 2-3x a day then have a wet dream then still be dying for it the next morning and have PE issues all the time. It was insane. Normal for me before
then was once a day no problem, twice sometimes but that was it. I just wish I had bloodwork from that period, but I don’t. I eventually crashed and had the usual low T symptoms (and my 151 SHBG probably wasn’t helping much) and started TRT.

Anyways. It’s possible it wasn’t even the 5ari’s. Who knows. But I figured if anyone had heard of anything like that happening before it was you.


Definitely. Does anyone use it? We wouldn’t use it even in the old PED/AAS days.

I know a girl who was on it for a month (didn’t know her at the time) but she told me she was put on methyltestosterone and her sex drive went into the stratosphere. She got off after 4 weeks because she literally had an urge to fuck random men that walked into her place of employment. I can’t remember why she was put on it but now I’m curious and will find out.

There’s a reddit thread about a guy bragging that he’s been spiking his sisters drink with 20mg methyltestosterone daily… she can’t figure out why she’s growing facial hair and shit…

So fucked up, there’s some seriously terrible people out there

I’d use it while travelling if I could find it… when I’m out exploring new cities I’m always forgetting to take my shots

Taking it for 2-3 weeks while overseas wouldn’t be the end of the world… halotestin is also fda approves for trt… but doesn’t have the properties I’m looking for (adequate aromatisation)… was thinking 5-10mg dbol would work (much easier to remember to just pop a pill)… also deters one from consuming alcoholic beverages whilst overseas… I practically never drink back home, but overseas that can get a bit out of hand

Other option is to just take 2-3x my dose before leaving

I’d be interested to hear. Wonder what her serum levels were.

Wow! So, weightlifters, who would pretty much take anything, would avoid methyltest, but this asshole gives it to his sister??? Wonder what/if she ever did anything to him to bring that on, though I can’t imagine what. Crazy shit.

Right, not as though that is your TRT.

Exactly but I always forget to take my shots whilst travelling, thinking just taking 2-3x whatever I’m taking before going to avoid needing to take while travelling (this is for future travelling, not going for a while)… sure peaks will be higher, but the cavg will probably be around the same…

Not on any test right now either, ran out and lost my script, currently on just synthetic androgens (and actually feel great)… will pick up more test in 6 weeks

The dude was giving his sister methyltest if I recall correctly because he was a sociopathic piece of shit

That’s battery.