Opinion on My Low Volume High Intensity PPL?

Hi Paul,
I followed with attention all your latest posts, podcasts, etc. on the low volume/high intensity training.

With the help of Christian I had set up a fullbody program 3x week, 1 or 2 set per exercise, 3 “main” lift and 2 isolation.
I have made good progress following this program, but I would like to come back to a PPL and keep the low volume/high intensity. I feel that I have trouble recovering on certain body parts with the high frequency.

What do you think about that :

Push :
Bench Press - Over warm up, 1x6-10, 50% set
Weighted Dips - 1x6-10, 1xmax @ BW
High incline DB Press - 1x6-10, 1x8-12
One arm Cable lateral raise - 350 Method
(Incline curl - 350 Method)

Pull :
Barbell Row - 1x6-10, 1x8-12
Weighted Pull up - 1x6-10, 1xmax @ BW
One arm DB Row - 1x6-10, 1x8-12
Cable Row - 350 Method
(Triceps pushdown - 350 Method)

Legs :
Seated leg curl - 1x6-10, 1x8-12
Hack Squat - 1x8-15
DB Lunge - 350 Method
RDL - 1x6-10
Calf - 350 Method

Thank for your help.

are you still going to lift 3x a week or 4x?

Still 3x.

Well I can’t make modifications based on your structure but I can tell you this is not laid out very well.

If you’re going to bench, then pick something that works the clavicular pecs in the lengthened position after that.

I don’t like the 350 method for a one arm cable lateral at all. I like a Y-Raise there along with cable side laterals done bilaterally.

So bench, clavicular cable flye, high incline db press, Y raise, cable lateral.

The back day is shit.

It’s 100% upperback work with no lat work.

Barbell row is fine but then you do pull ups which is upperback, not lats, and then one arm db row, which is upperback and not lats. And just to make sure you’re not doing lat work you finish with a cable row. Which is more upperback.

Replace the barbell row or db row with a legit lat movement. It can be a row but you need to bias the lats with it and that means not barbell or dumbbell rows. Cable rows can be lats but they have to be performed a certain way.

The leg day could use extensions since that’s the only movement that trains the quads in the shortened position. Other than that it’s not bad.

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Thank you very much for your feedback !

I don’t have good rowing machine in my gym (I can’t do the one arm machine row that you show in your article).
Maybe some cable Pullover can be use ?

I’d set up a proper lat pulldown. You need to drop some of the rows. you don’t need three.

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Oh yes sorry, I proposed the pullover (same as your video on IG) instead of the cable row or DB row

Where would you put the leg extension?

Thank you again for your knowledge!

oh and first Push session inspired by what you said :
Bench Press : Over warm up, 1x6-10, 50% set
Low to high cable fly ss bodyweight dips (I saw that on your IG) : 2x8-12 / max max
High incline DB Press : 1x6-10, 1x8-12
Y raise ss cable lateral raise : 2x6-10/ drop max/max
Incline db curl : 350 method

the least I can say is that I really enjoyed this session !