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Opinion on My Diet Plan for Fat Loss


I have for the last 2 years have had problems with fatloss as i never been able to get to 10% bodyfat rate and get ridd of love handles i got after intense bulking. Sometimes the problem have been that i have both wanted to build muscle and at the same time lose fat and kept changning strategies sometimes for fatloss sometimes to build which lead to subpar results.

This time around i have decided to focus on just one goal at a time and my goal is to get to 8-10 % bodyfat.
I have noticed i have had problems with carbs as when i eat rice or something else i could feel it going to the love handle area. This lead me to a different approach.

This is how my diet looks like now:

I eat 2 avocados a day ,one in the morning and one with dinner to get enough healthy fat and other vitamins. I also take 2 fish oil caps a day and a green tea pill aswell as 12 g of EAA for pre-workout togather with 5g of creatine. I also eat one big apple pre-workout

My only carbs comes from vegtables and the quark. Which is less then 5g for every 100g.
I get around 100-140g of protein a day and maybe 50-100g of carbs.

I have almost gotten ridd of the love handles completely and also see 4 abs but it feels like my fatloss has stalled.As my weight does not change recently.

I sometimes do cardio when i have energy 6 hours after my workout but i am afriad of doing to much as i don't want to lose to much muscle.

I workout 5-7 days a week.

Do you think this routine will lead me to 10% bodyfat or is there anything i should adjust which is slowing down my progress? should i add more cardio or is the diet and lifting weights enough?


How long has your main focus been weight loss, 2 years? Put aside all the time where you changed strategies I just want to know how long the main focus has been fat loss.

Going to need your height, weight, and exactly what you ate yesterday. (Once you put down what you ate add up the macros.)

Putting information down like "green tea pill" is useless if you won't write down your diet.


My focus has been fatloss for the past 2,5 months but i tried it at different lengths before but didn't do it whole heartedly.
Yesterday i ate this:
Breakfast: one apple,one lemon, 12g of EAA+5g of creatine

Post workout+lunch: about 35g of carbs all from vegtables with 200g of shrimps and 2 fish oil caps and one avocado

Dinner: 50g of carbs all from vegtables plus one avocado and 200g of shrimps. I cook the vegtables with the shrimp.

My macros usually look like this: about 50-120g of carbs, 100-140g of protein and 30-50g of fat.
I usually listen to my body when i feel hungry i eat but the sources i get my food from are low on carbs and for the past 3 weeks i swtiched to only getting my carbs from vegtables.
I also take 1-2 green tea caps,one after lunch and one after dinner.
My training has been going good though,although i do a little less volume but i have managed to increase the weight on every exercise during this time. So i have been getting stronger.
My weight haven't changed for 2 weeks now. I don't know if my metabolism has slowed down or if i am holding water from the creatine.

This is my height, 5´10 and 150lbs, and 23 years old.