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Opinion On My Diet and Macro?


I’m new on the forum, this is my second post. I’d like to have your opinion about my diet.

I’m 40, 5’7 and 150 lbs.

My goal would be to gain some muscle but i’m also at 19 % nd (that’s what my Fitbit scale says).

I reduced my calories intake for a while but I’m now back at 2300-2400 kcal a day. I train 3 times a week (full body) and I walk a lot everyday. Except that, I have no other physical activity.

Actually I eat 70-80 grs of fat, 230-250 grs of carbs and 170 grs of protein everyday.

Sources of fats are: salmon, avocado, eggs, olive oil, nuts, etc…
Sources of carbs: whole grain oats, pasta and rice. All kind of veggies and fruits.

Protein: whey protein, eggs, fish, chicken, low fat red meat, skimmed milk, etc…

As I said, my goal is to gain weight but I also feel like I’m a little bit too fat.

If you need to see some pics of me, check my post “40 year old frenchie” in the beginners section.

Sorry for my poor written English, I’m French :wink: