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Opinion on My Cortisol Results?


Does anyone have any experience that could shed some light on these 24hr cortisol results. I was on 400mg test at the time if that makes any difference. History of high stress, extreme fatigue, insomnia, can’t get out of bed in the mornings, no motivation constant brain fog. To my thinking yes the results follow a normal curve but are all well below the mid range. Anyone experiences similar, tried treating with hydrocortisone? I have some adrenal glandular ordered to try. If treating cortisol doesn’t work my last option is Wellbutrin for low dopamine.


I treat patients with hydrocortisone low dose all the time. Start slow. 2.5 mg in am for a week. If no better try 5mg for a week. If no better try 10mg for a week. If no better try 10mg am and 5mg at lunch. If no better try 10mg am and 10mg lunch. If no better at all try 10mg am 10mg lunch and 5mg early evening. Try this under a doctors care. Next time as for a DUTCH study. It’s a hormone study using urine. Way more insightful.

Also being on testosterone absolutely lowers cortisol. My suspicion is something other than your adrenals at work here.



PhysioLojik - Sorry to hijack this thread, but I’m in the Columbus area and I am having similar issues. You know any docs in the area who you could recommend? Or are you close? All the GP’s I’ve seen are clueless about this stuff.


I’m in the Columbus area:) are you looking for a GP or an endo specific. My mentor and one of the most intelligent GP in the world lives in Columbus (Eric serrano) call his office and see if he’s taking new patients.


I’ve been trying to get referred to endo, but I’d be happy with anyone who can treat problems with the HPA axis due to stress and overexercising. I’ll definitely give him a call. Thanks!


Look him up. He’s world renowned. In fact he’s been interviewed for this very site.

Good friend of mine (also in Columbus) wrote this



Thanks do you have any other ideas? If test was lowering my cortisol then as the curve is normal, off test it may be higher in the range as well. I’ve tried thyroid and trt with zero improvement. Test level is 450 naturally so not terrible. My last options are to try t3 only and then Wellbutrin for low dopamine after that I’m really out of ideas.