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Opinion on Mixes

Just wanted to know what the opinion is on a pre-made mix. Source I am using (that has been good so far) has a pre-made “cut mix.” The mix is Test prop, Tren Ace, and Masteron (50mgs per mL of each). Would it make since to get this mix if someone was going to run the 3 compounds or better to just get each separately?

Is this common to combine and sell compounds as a mix?

Thanks gentlemen

Well first look at what it costs to buy each compound separately and run it at the dose you want then compare to the price of running that same thing but buying the mix. Usually there is a little price advantage with the mixes but you are stuck with their ratio. So if you wanted to run test higher you would have to buy an extra bottle of test to go with the mixes bottles then measure out how much test you wanted to add in and then take two shots. Me personally I like controlling how much of each I use, that and when I mix three compounds I tend to do different mixes than what they sell.
Don’t get me wrong if you wanted to run the ratio they mixed at then those bottles are great, one shot and done. Nice and easy.

As far as how common are they, just about every UGL does it and everyone claims they were the first lab to make mixes or blends as they call them in the industry.

One thing to keep in mind. If that blend has a compound you have never used before and you end up having issues with it then you are screwed because you can not simply cut out the problem compound and continue with the other two. So I would always advise that you have experience with every compound in the mix before you use them in a blended one shot and done bottle.

I dont like them. Not because they are bad per se but because iv never really seen a mix that fits what I’m planning on running.

When it comes to tren mixes I like to be able to chnage my tren dose without increasing testosterone. For instance this last cycle I went as high as 550/week before dropping back to 350. Had it been a mix this would not have been possible Without jacking my test up as well. I also like my mast higher then the tren.

So for many reasons they are not right for me but as now_i_care stated if the mix is exactly what you plan to use and you know for a fact you respond well to that exact mix of compounds and dosage then go for it.