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Opinion on Labs and Treatment

Just received my 3rd shot of test cyp
Week 1 200mg
Week 2 160mg + .5mg adex
Week 3 180mg + .5mg adex
Morning temp of 97.7 and 97.6 done under tongue while still in bed

My total T was 274 free t was 3

Opinion on labs?
Anything out of whack? Blood was done prior to starting.

Please put all of this back into your other thread and do not split your case over multiple threads.

You then also need to explain in the other thread what your lab timing was.

It is important that labs reflect your protocol. Changing T dosing is not good. Are you self-injecting?

Take 5000iu Vit-D3 per day. Do not take with high fiber foods or low fat meals

TT is low, LH/FSH should have gone to zero.
Is your T fake?

Morning oral body temp seems OK, check more than once, also need mid-afternoon temperatures.

I am suspecting that you have not read the stickies. Doing that is going to be the single greatest benefit you will get from this site and will have a great influence on your outcome.