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Opinion on Kronum


Anybody got a strong opinion about this new sport?


Looks interesting. What sucks is due to its infancy, and the specialized goals, it will take a while for it to take hold, if ever. Not like you can go down to the park and get a pick up game on, or easily start a local rec league. Definitely looks like fun though.


I think the goals need to be smaller.



It looks fun, I'll say that. How much are the quidditch rings worth?


Looks very dynamic.
It will grow.


I agree, if they're allowed to throw it, it makes it too easy.


I bet that in three months someone without the ability to use the search function will post this exact same video.


Looks like you can add Gaelic football to that list as well I'd say.


Apparently, the idea is to have ending scores similar to basketball and an average of between 60-120 points are scored in a game.


I don't see no rugby in there. Pussy-ass body-checks do not equal tackling.


i think there should only be 2 goals and the field should be rectangular. its also to easy to score. the keeper gets clowned cause its easy to throw it in.


I think this goes for 90% of the content on here.


Meh, I couldn't think of anything else...hockey maybe?


Aussie rules football meets handball.


Wallball is more exciting.


Yeah i thought that when i first saw the video. Almost a little like the International rules games they play when they mash up Gaelic and aussie rules.

Not really sure about this kronum. It looks like fun to play, but can't see anything that complex ever moving beyond the realms of minority sport.


I think it looks pretty cool.

Then again, I thought the XFL looked "pretty cool" as well. I don't think it turned out too well. In fact I had an argument with "He Hate Me" the other day...the sonofabitch didn't put enough beef in my Arby's sandwich!