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Opinion on Jamie Lewis Destroy the Opposition Beginner Program?


The program looks like this (or what I picked the lifts for it to be):
Disclaimer: This is not the program from his book, he has you pick some accessories (I recommend you read the book, its great)

Squat 4x6
Bench 4x6
Strict Press 3x10
Dips 3x10

Pendlay Row 4x6
Chinups 3x10
Heavy Shrugs 3x10
Calves 3x10

Deadlift 5x6
Strict Press 3x6
Dips 4x6

Day1,Day2,Day3,Day2,Day1,Off, Off


Honestly, I don’t like the look of it too much. Which doesn’t matter, because I’m not the one doing it. If you like it, and you’re enthusiastic about it and will consistently put the work in chances are it’ll work fine.


there really isnt any programming there, how is progression tracked or managed? And a day of doing heavy shrugs and calves wont translate very well to a powerlifting total if that is your goal.


The program seems fine to me. It looks balanced and can help you build the main lifts while building a big back. Just treat day 2 as a bodybuilding day and don’t focus so much on how much weight you’re using.

As long as you have some reasonable progression for the squat, bench and deadlift where you figure out when to push it and when to dial back then you can make good progress. Something like adding weight for 3-4 consecutive weeks (or however long you can keep the linear progression going) and working back up when you stall out. Another option when stalling out on the 4x6 work on the main lifts is to cut back on volume and use a bit higher intensity for a short period of time (hit the main lifts heavy once per week and light on the other days), then go back to 4x6 and work back up.