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Opinion on Hepburn Method?

I have come across the Hepburn program and it seems like an awesome program. You hit each of the big lifts twice a week and that is all you do. Hit them once for strength then lower the weights and work on hypertrophy using the same lift. It is outlined better here.


A T Nation author also made their own rendition of the program: https://www.t-nation.com/training/hepburn-solution-for-strength-and-power

Seems like it could yield great results in strength and size do to the frequency and loading of the lifts. Only problem is I could see some imbalances arising and I would throw in some hamstring work and pull ups and dips and rear delt work to help balance out muscles.

What are your thoughts on this method CT? Would it be sustainable for long term gains?

Hepburn is one of my biggest influences. You can’t go wrong with his program. Howevef understand the type of gains you will make: a lot of strength and decent overall muscle. But it will give more a big boy look than a bodybuilder look.

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What are your thoughts about adding some isolation/assistance lifts like dips, pull ups, leg curls and bicep curls? Too much volume ?

If done as it is intended, you can’t add volume. In fact,Hepburn warn the reader about being foolish and adding isolation work to the program.

Hey Christian didnt jim Williams bench 5 days a week.

And most olympic lifters squat 5-6 days a week. What is the relevance to this thread?