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Opinion on Frequency


Just out of curiosity, what do you think is more favorable?

Scenario a. Spending one day in the beginning of the week blasting shoulders, then spending one day at the end of the week blasting chest.


Scenario b. Doing half chest / half shoulders one day in the beginning of the week, and doing the second half chest / shoulders one day at the end of the week.

Assume that TOTAL weekly volume for both chest and shoulders is the same in both a and b scenarios. If you do that the question becomes about frequency.

Is doing all the work in one day then resting for 6 days better than doing half the work every 3 or 4 days?

Looking forward to your responses.


I would do scenario A that way you can hit shoulders or chest first in your workout. I wouldnt want to do shoulder pressing after any chest pressing or vice versa.

If I were to do scenario B...

Day 1-Chest/ flat Bench, Incline Bench
Shoulders/ Laterals, rear lateral

Day 2-Shoulders/ Military Press, Upright row, shrugs
Chest/ Flye, Incline flye


I mean unless it's a deload week or you are fighting some injury and coming back slowly why would you do half of a workout? I've heard of people doing a chest and shoulders on monday and thursday where monday would be heavy chest and light shoulders and then heavy shoulders and light chest the next time. But I dunno why you'd do half of a workout, I personally would prefer hitting each group twice a week and blasting them both times (assuming you are eating enough and recovering so you aren't over-training)


I prefer higher frequency. I've made progress either way.


I've been doing 5/3/1 for 10 months now. First I used the triumverate. The boring but big. And I want to switch it up for a few months before going back to Trimverate and starting the cycle all over again.

If you're familiar with 5/3/1, the structure is
D1: Shoulder Press + shoulder assistance
D2: Deadlift + back assistance
D3: Bench + chest assistance
D4: Squat + quad assistance

Up until now, my assistance and main lift have synced. So I basically do shoulders, chest, quads, and back once a week. What I meant to say by half the workout was really the assistance work. I'm not worried about back and legs so much because I do chins everyday with 531 as well as their prowler/hill sprint protocol.

Here's what I was thinking specifically:

D1: Shoulder Press + chest assistance
D2: Deadlift + back assistance
D3: Bench + shoulders assistance
D4: Squat + quad assistance


If your doing 5/3/1, i'd recommended sticking with the program.

If you hadnt made the last post, I wouldve said higher frequency.