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Opinion on First Cycle


This is going to be my first cycle, and wanted some feedback or critiquing from the Vets or other members.

Age: 30
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190
BF: 8.2 (+- .3%) done Monday through BodPod

Proposed Cycle:
W 1-10: Test e 500mg/week------(250mg Sunday morning, 250mg Wednesday night)
W 1-12: Arimidex @ .25mg daily (might increase depending on symptoms or other signs)
W 1-4: D-bol @ 30mg daily

PCT: Nolva starting at week 12...
at 40mg/daily for Week 1-2
and 20mg/daily for Week 3-4

I waited until I got EVERYTHING together. Recieved my pct today along with AI.
I recently came off of a leaning cycle, went from 210lbs to 190lbs in 13 weeks. Feel great and ready to try first cycle.

Please, any information or guidance is appreciated. Thanks.


looks good.

I would also use the Dbol to bridge from say...week 9 to the beginning of pct.

When you say recently came off a cycle..how recently do you mean?


I think he meant a "diet" by that "leaning cycle". I don't think he used AAS for it.


Good call.. I wish people would call diets "phases" instead of "cycles".

Disregard that question Op, your cycle looks fine as I previously stated.


Yah, sorry about confusion. Meant diet, not cylce. This will be my first with AAS.

So from week 9 you say to bridge to PCT(that's a total of 3 weeks). What dosing is good for the dbol? What exactly is the purpose of this bridging? To maintain some strength and slowly taper down?


I like to use dbol in the "upper range" of its "bounadries", so about 50mg every day.

The purpose of bridging to pct is to give you a boost while the test leaves your system, giving you a little more strength and mass before you conclude your cycle.