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Opinion on DoggCrap Training?

Hey PC, what is your opinion on DoggCrap training? I know it is low volume-high intensity consisting of Rest-Pause sets, Windowmakers etc. It seems interesting, would like to hear your input.

I heard he thinks its dumb and would never ever give it a go.

Ps. Also volume is king and doing more is infinitely better, even with bad mechanics and form.


Go troll elsewhere.

Exactly… :roll_eyes:

How is this a troll question?

@Leash is the troll, not the OP.


Volume isn’t king if it’s in excess of what you can recover from since protein synthesis needs to be greater than muscle breakdown to grow.

Consistent bad form will eventually lead to an increased risk of injury. It’s also not a great idea if you’re competing in powerlifting. Not sure you added much value with your post.

…his post was a joke.

You arent allowed to make sarcastic jokes unfortunately… back to under the bridge I now must go…


I won’t speak for him on what he thinks about it currently but I do know Paul did DC training in the past and I think for an extended period of time with some success. He’s posted about it here in his forum.

Jokes are a bad way to answer an honest question. Not everyone is familiar with Paul’s views.


There is also a search function.
Nonetheless i do apologize mr. Forum police


Paul still uses 50% sets, its like a short DC rest pause. instead of doing say DB bench 12,6,3 reps to failure, paul would go 12,6 then end the set. I think one of his posts said it prevented him burning out as fast. And the rest period is a little longer. DC ususally is around 30 seconds (15 breaths for me)

50% sets are pretty awesome, also a little bit along the same lines is the 350 method with 2 min rest b/w sets… good stuff