Opinion on Doctor- Another New Guy

Hello All,

I appreciate your time, effort and experience in advance. I have just a few quick questions for now.

Nothing new here for you guys. My story is much like many here. I’m Hypothyroid(1gr Armour) and starting TRT, having a nasty go of it. Thank goodness for me I did a bunch of research here. Having all the usual Doctor troubles. I’ll bore you with the details another time.

  1. T level 234 (348-1198), My Estradiol level came back 5.1 (7.9-46). About that my new Urologist says-

    “Your Estradiol being low at 5.1 is a good thing - it does not need to be any higher. Because your FSH and LH values are normal, I will order a prolactin level. Only if your prolactin level is elevated would you need any imaging of your pituitary gland. Please come in to the office at your earliest convenience for the blood draw (anytime starting tomorrow 12/10/13 is fine).”

  2. When I asked him about monitoring my Thyroid level (only tsh was done 1.5 months ago and was 2.630 (.5-5.0) while getting initial trt tests done he says-

"If your TSH is normal, there is no reason to be worried about your thyroid function. Thyroid hormones are T3 and T4, and if TSH is normal, there is no reason to suspect that your actual thyroid hormones are abnormal. If you would like, we can check a TSH again, but TSH will not change with the administration of testosterone if it was normal to start with.

As you mentioned, no worries on your slightly low estradiol."

Slightly low huh?

  1. My final concern is that he only does bi-monthly shots.

Should I find a new Doctor or does this guy sound competent to you all?

He sounds worthless like most docs. Try the finding a TRT doctor sticky for help finding someone that is competent.