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Opinion on Current Mass Diet...

I was hoping for some thoughts on my current diet during a mass/bulk phase. I am 5’10" 175-180lbs. I am currently eating at roughly 3000cals a day. My meals consist of 2 large shakes and 3-4 solid food meals daily. The shakes are:

10oz whole milk
1 cup oats
2 scoops protein
2-3 raw eggs
additional eggs whites ( pasturized)
sometimes add peanut butter

The shake consists of about 80-90 grams of protein ( depending on peanut butter and how many eggs whites )

Next meal is 2 pieces of Ezekial bread with 1 can of tuna ( 300 cals, 45 pro )

Later 2-3 pieces of chicken breast 10-12oz with instant brown rice. ( 700 cals, 65 pro )

Next meal is 1-3 pieces of Talipa and spinach ( 300 cals, 60 pro)

Final meal of the day is same shake as morning but swap oats for cottage cheese ( roughly 80 pro)

Additional sups and calories: 10 fish oils, creatine taken with waxy maize post workout

Workout is a standard HST program with T and TH off ( usually do light cardio, like walking or yard work to stay active )

Questions are: 1. All my fats come from whole milk, fish oil, olive oil and the occasional lean red meat. Is that ok?
2. I’m a little afraid of carbs so not sure if I’m getting enough. Probably 70 from waxy maize, 88 from rice, 20 from bread and then the oats are about 80.
3. No sups other then creatine with the waxy maize post workout, ZMA before bed, green tea during the day and a multi.

And thoughts/advice will be much appreciated!

Haven’t much other to add than: You’re doing a better job than me counting stuff.

Looks pretty solid.

  1. Division of fats looks okay. You don’t go overboard in any direction. Good.
  2. You might not be getting enough carbs. Try it out for a couple of weeks. If you’re not seeing results, bump them (add more rice/oatmeal)
  3. Supps schedule looks good. You’re getting protein, PWO nutrition, and fish oil. That’s pretty much all you need.

I assume you’re doing this. How have your results been?

1st thought: You eat the same thing every day???
2nd thought: Where are the vegetables (and maybe fruits)?!?

Fats from meats, eggs, oils and PB should cover your bases there but don’t forget to add some variety to the other macros. As far as the carbs, it depends on your metabolism and workload. Adjust them higher if you feel flat and tired, down if you start gaining fat. Don’t forget that many veggies are “free” carbs and provide many micro-nutrients and fiber. Don’t neglect them.

BTW, what is “instant” brown rice? If it’s instant, it’s all ground up into powder and formed back into rice-shaped pellets. That probably cancels out the good features in real brown rice. Just cook a big batch in advance and store it for the week ahead.

Thanks for the quick replys everone,I really appreciate it. To answer a couple, I pretty much eat the same thing every day with only a few variances. I change flavors of protein powder often and I change my dinner protein between fish, lean meats, more chicken and the occasional sushi. I do lack veggies and try and at least get green veggies like spinach or broccali in here and there but not enough. Mixing half a bag of spinach with some apple juice in blender is usually how I take it in ( turns into a green foam but not bad).The istant rice is Uncle Bens brown rice that steams in the microwave or Dole brown rice that steams in about 5 minutes so probably not ideal but works in a pinch.

I am only two weeks in and have noticed a slight weight gain (4-5lbs) but prior to this I was pretty carb depleated so I imagine its mostly water. Had good success gettinf fat off of me before with Anabolic type diets so thats kind of what made carb cautious. Just wanted to make sure I was on the right track…

I use those microwaveable bags of veggies. Really handy.

Add some frozen fruit, a banana, a few grapes or strawberries/blueberries to some skimmed milk, throw a couple of scoops of unflavoured whey powder in, blend it and you’ve got a really nice breakfast smoothie.

Do those two things and you’ll get your 5 a day in every day, without too much effort. :slight_smile: