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Opinion on Bulking Cycle?

Can u guys give me ur opinions and answer my questions

Stats 72 kg
height: 176 cm

12 week Cycle:
Anadrol 1-4 weeks (50mg ed)
Deca 1-8 weeks (500 every week )
Test E 1-12 weeks (500 every week )
Equi 1-12 weeks ( 500 every week)
Prabolan 9-12 week ( 200 per week )
Airmidix eod
Liv52 ed ( 2 pills)

1-Prabolan for hardening of muscle should i use some anavar with it?
2-does airmidix decrease results?
3-should i use proviron for libido?
(I know the cycle is short but i don’t have more time because of some reasons)

Honestly? Skip the deca. If you’re only going eight weeks then you’re not going to really get the benefits for long enough to justify the potential side effects and the longer recovery time. I assume “prabolan” is tren hex. If so then you really don’t need that at the end of a cycle. You say you don’t have time for a longer cycle, which is fine, but then you included three very long esters. That’s kind of the opposite of what you should be doing.

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What do you suggest should i change probalan with tren ace and add anavar ??

How old are you? What’s your previous cycle experience?

21 , one cycle before of 10 weeks sustanone and deca
My goal is to lean bulk

Jesus christ im in the twilight zone


Ok, so glossing over the fact that you’re too young to be doing this, I’ll only say the following: if you can’t do a lean bulk with test-only for 12 weeks then you have no business cycling at all. You should be able to get what you want from a simple test cycle without any of the other stuff thrown in there.


@iron_yuppie lol this is so much more than I use.

@johncarter_89 show me a weeks worth of how you eat and train. Let’s see where the weak links are.

But what the fuck is prabolin? Is he talking about tren hex… If so… Tren hex for 2 weeks? Whhaaaaaaattatatattatataatattt

Legit this guy is smaller than I am (and i’m pretty god damn small) and he’s using 2 grams of gear… What’s going on, why do people feel as if they need 20x+ natural levels of androgens (cuz of tren, hence my super high figure here) to grow? I’m 72.5kg (albeit fatter and 11cm shorter).

Good god… And he’s run test/deca before… He should be quite large should he not, I’d imagine he used very large doses like 500mg test 500mg deca first cycle, if I was to use such doses (which I wouldn’t) I’d probably be pushing 180-190lbs. Granted I imagine genetics do play a part, because my diet and training has previously been… Less than optimal, yet I managed to get bigger than this guy without resorting to high doses of anything, I suppose that’s genetic?

That being said, John Carter was an under rated movie. Solid 6.5/10

@unreal24278 he’s running more gear than I’ve ever run in a cycle. Ever. Haha.

I have a feeling you’re about to grow my friend @unreal24278

Thank god I’ve always wanted to be taller than 165cm (just kidding, I got it haha)

Anyhow what’s the worst this guy could do to himself amirite. Who gives a flying fuck about dialated and/or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity neuro sides. Pffffffffttttttftftfttt none of that is serious

As rich piano quotes “whatever it takes” #5percent

I was actually really sad when Rich passed, he appeared to be a legitimately good bloke, honest, although I think he had some issues (albeit never confirmed) with substance abuse