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Opinion on Blast, Getting Old

Long story, 42, on trt, my natural TT was never over 388 (age 29) because of a vericocele
Been blasting mildly off and on for 15 years, like once a year do 300 test and 300 deca for 12 weeks.
Long story longer, I’m 42 now, diagnosed with mild htn on low dose sartan now, have 5 kids 7 and under and my wife may be pregnant again… my question is
If you were me, and goal is lean gains but be absolutely healthy as possible… I’d love to live to late 80s healthily, what doses of each would you run if me for a 14-16 week blast? I love deca cause I’m concerned about hair, but yet scared of it’s bad effect on vascular endothelial… my labs are good, hdl 55, ldl 90, only issues are HCT which I do phlebotomy and HTN but I take meds for…
I was going to do as my clinic recommended, 250 test , 250 deca and 2 iu hgh
Other advices though?

You wanna live to late 80s…

Maybe don’t bother with the blasts at all?


You are no fun sir! Should I stop drinking too? Lol

Seriously though, my “blasts” are quite mild.

Many guys in the 70s went all out and are mid 70s today

Ha- half of them had triple bypass ops in their 60s!

yes keep the drink to a minimum if you want to make nearly 90.

I’ve started TRT recently and am of the opinion of if I make it to 70 I’ve done well!

In all seriousness if longevity is a major goal it doesnt align with the blasts.

Best answer if you must do a blast for 16 weeks a year would be to keep it test only imho.

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Thanks that’s sound advice. Maybe one blast a year of 300 mg test x 12 weeks.

Btw, when I say drink, I do 2 glasses of red wine per day, not getting wasted

12 weeks a year at 300!!! I plan on doing EXACTLY the same!

Just trying to work out when to start one this year!

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I want your clinic lol.

I’m your age, pretty similar lipids, but high BP is becoming more of a concern. I like the 1 big blast a year, 300-500mg of test, throw in some Var, in and out relatively quick. Then cruise the rest of the year.

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What y’all cruise on? True trt or like 200 a week or so?


On the fence about Deca, never used it, but like the idea of running a blast once a year or so. I was on TRT for several years, ran a few blasts - 500 mg Test C for 6-8 weeks compared to my TRT protocol of 150mg a week. I had good results.

What’s that put your TT?

200 mg, 5 days later my TT was 2000!

Sounds about right. Mine is 1000-1100ng but I split 2x

On 150 mg per week I was at 650 after seven days. On 500, I was >5000 lol.

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If health is actually your #1 priority—forsaking all other considerations—then your answer is as follows:

0mg nandrolone run for the next :infinity: weeks.

Blasts are confined to once a year, 16 weeks, consisting of 500mg test, 600-800mg primo, and HGH for perhaps 20-24 weeks.

That’s your longevity blast. Everything else on the menu is going to shorten your lifespan. There’s no getting around it. Most of us try to ignore that part, but deep down we know it’s true.


It’s likely that even that shortens your life span. We are trying to improve quality here and sacrifice some quantity for it, that’s the deal.

If you’re concerned with longevity, drop the TRT down to where you still feel alright, then don’t blast.

I agree with iron on this stack. Hairline will take a hit, but you have to make a cut somewhere.

Why Prima?

Interesting topic, so many talk about effectiveness but ignore harm reduction. Heard several theories on best strategies for harm reduction, TRT only with short runs with orals, or using “milder” injectables - is there actually any strong evidence that milder injectables are any less harmful, or is it mostly based on how people feel on cycle?

There cant be any peer reviewed studies on this- it’d be completely unethical. Which means anything else is bro experience based. Too many variables.

You could probably come up with some reasonable practice based level of potential harm e.g like Tren being more harmful than Var etc.

Be interested to see a list of most sides down to least from some of the experienced guys on here- you could likely extrapolate and say more sides = more long term harm?

I am however guessing with that response and would like to hear what some long term ex body builders think about different compounds.

A lot of anabolics were originally developed for medical use so there are some studies and I suppose I’m also thinking of the n=1 where bros have done blood work on various cycles. Something slightly more tangible than feel I guess?

Primo was engineered to be a mild compound with a low incidence of side effects and an aim towards minimizing long term damage.