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Opinion on Arm Size for Tall Dude

So, I’m 19, 6’3 1/2 and 200 lbs and have a 6’5 arm span. I have played sports in the past and I’ve been working out hard for the past 2 years. I’m all natural other than regular supplements. I have 15 inch arms. I know they aren’t big and I have a long way to go but I’m trying to figure out what size arms are considered big for guys that have frames like me. Let me know what y’all think.

I’m 6ft with a 74.5” wingspan with 16.5ish arms. Nobody, and I mean nobody, would ever think I lift. I’m sure once I lean up they will look better but still be laughably small.

I think it varies too much from person to person to be able to put a number on it

Us taller guys (6’4" here) have a harder time making the muscle belly look big in proportion, more area to fill. I don’t think there is a set number, mine are a tick over 18" but don’t look to me all that big. Genetics are going to play a large part here, kinda like calf muscles. just don’t ignore the triceps for balance and size.


Maybe you’re exagerating? I’m 6"1 with 16" arms and everybody compliments me. Granted, I’m lean. Honestly, 18" would be great, I’m gonna start hammering them

When I was fat I had 18 arms but thet looked littler if that makes sense

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Makes complete sense. I started losing weight, arms dropped almost an inch. Everybody - “your arms have gotten way bigger”.

Bodybuilding is about proportions. Frank Zane had ~16 - 17" arms. Looked way better than my 16.5" arms.

I am 6’5” 215ish lbs with 17.5 in arms. I don’t have any fat on my arms. Meaning there is no cushion to my size. People compliment me often.

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I’m fairly fat. 16ish percent. But arms and legs are kinda lean. I hold most of my fat in my torso. I’ll be leaning up for the first time in a few months and hopefully they’ll look better when I’m leaner.

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the answer to this question is 100% tied to how much of that arm circumference is actually muscle. A lean 16" arm can will look so much better, and even appear bigger, than a fat 18" arm in most cases.

That being said, your question is completely subjective. depends on who you ask. I have very lean, 17" arms at 5’11. Most of the world would say my arms are big. But I compete against fucking giants in my sport, and I’m a lightweight/middleweight competitor, and as such, I see my arms as small. I’m often one of the smaller guys at a couple gyms I train at. But if you put me in a regular commercial gym, there’s a decent chance I’ll be the biggest/strongest guy there.

Perspective is a funny thing.

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Also depends on your wrist/bone size. Like Flex Wheeler didnt have the biggest arm in the world when he competed but his arms looked better than Ronnie Coleman’s whose arms were probably at least 2 inches bigger at the same height. He had one of the best arms ever because of his small joints. It is all relative.