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Opinion just for my Sanity

Hey guys, this is my first post on T-Nation. I hate for it to be a whiny one but I’m gonna post it anyways. I’ve been training for powerlifting for the past 18-22 months following 5/3/1. I did my first meet back in October of '12. Against all of the seasoned experts advice, I tried to cut weight to the 90 kilo class and ended up being weak as shit and being super disappointed with my lifts.

Anyways I focused on my next meet trying to get as strong as possible while forgetting where my body weight fell. My next meet was April 27. I went in feeling strong and very confident. I had hit many p.r’s in the gym (which I know doesn’t equate to shit during the actual meet) and was ready to bust through some barriers. Squat went well (other than me missing one lift because I forgot to wait for the “squat” command) and I set a PR in the DL. My bench (in my previous meet) was garbage and I had been working very hard to improve it. Hit 305 as an opener -piece of cake- decided to go for 330-ish on my way to 340…

Got off the bench feeling confident and then got two red lights… totally confused I asked the one judge to my left and he said my “butt came off the bench.” I hadn’t even seen the video but I got into an argument with the ref immediately because I was 99% sure that was good. I was squeezing my ass as hard I as I possible could but I KNEW I wasn’t off the bench. I ended up shutting my fat mouth because I knew being an ass to the refs would get me nowhere. My final attempt I kept the same but decided that I should eliminate as much arch as possible to prevent any confusion…but I missed it… I was too gassed, or just too much of a pussy, call it whatever you like. Point being: I have been watching the video of my second “ass raising” attempt ad nauseum and I need others opinions. Its mostly for my own sanity… I’m not one to bitch about judgment calls. I understand everyone is imperfect and its always easier to second guess from an armchair, but… I need to know if I’m hullucinating or not. Although the video is cellphone quality… it is taken from about near the judges point of view. Anyways, thanks for indulging in my paranoia.

If you compete for any length of time, somewhere down the line you’ll get a call you probally shouldn’t. It can be frustrating at the time; I know. You need to find a way to take both the good things that happened and your disappointment and use them to motivate you toward your next meet.

From this angle it doesn’t look like it came off the bench, but the video was also taken from higher-than-bench height, meaning it could have looked different if it were taken from a foot or two lower down–where the judges were at.

watch and learn.

[quote]gurbob wrote:

watch and learn.[/quote]

Excellent point. I probably just need to quit bitchin. Thanks

your ass lifted during the push. maybe not off the bench but there was a distinct change in its position. that could have been what caused that call.

If you got two reds, likely two people saw it so it must have come up to some degree. There is a noticeable shift. Don’t agonize about it. It doesn’t matter.

Over many meets I’ve gotten whites that I knew were gifts and reds that felt like I was robbed. I’ve also sat in the chair often enough to know you make calls in a split second. If your ass wasn’t in the chair, you don’t know what they saw. Most people, refs included, are hoping for a successful lift.

Well fuck if that’s ass coming off the bench I’m fucking worried about my first meet.

Appreciate the feedback guys. I will just use the miss as training fuel and hit it next time.