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Hi fellow T-Men,

I’m Canadian and was just wondering if our US neighbours are aware, or even care that despite our “boy scout size” military, Canada still committed 6 battle ships, 3,000 combat troops, and 12 Coyote armoured vehicles, etc, etc.?
Do you guys feel this is a pretty good show of solidarity, or that this contribution doesn’t really amount to much?
What about the British contribution?

It is definitely a good show of solidarity by our norhtern neighbor, especially given the admittedly small size of Canada’s armed forces. We’re somewhat worried though, that those of French ancestry might surrender as soon as they get off the boat (kidding).

The British are doing a lot over there, especially the marines hunting for al Queda members in the mountains. We can always count on the Brits even when the rest of the Euros sit around and complain that we’re making the world a safer place without their consent. Out.

We noticed, it was nice. From the Western Front of WWI to the storming of the Normandy beaches to Desert Storm, there have been Canadian troops fighting alongside us (and in the case of the World Wars, long before we even got involved), and fighting well. I just read a story about 3 Canadian snipers who kicked the shit out of a large number terrorist pukes for a straight day during Operation Anaconda. Yes, we noticed. Yes, we appreciated. Yes, we would like you to turn your military loose on French Canada.

As for the Tommies… They are asskickers, and good friends. (I don’t know about you, but I find that Tony Blair guy kind of frightening. He has this cultured aristocratic voice and manner, but he’s usually talking politely about kicking the hell out of somebody and he’s always got this hard-ass look on his face.)

Hooray for the Commonwealth.

If you want a pat on the back, you got it. But real commitment was when Argentina sent its one and only Navy ship to support the troops in the Gulf War.

The Canadian military is “boy scout sized”? Must make feeding them a lot easier. And they must be a bitch to hit with a rifle. On the other hand, they probably need help reaching the pedals in their Jeeps. :slight_smile:

it is much appreciated, my friend. you canucks may have a funny way about you :), but we are glad you are our caring neighbors.

I didn’t post that messege, but I would like to thank you guys for your kind words. I, like alot of canucks are very dismayed at the state of our military. Our Liberal quasi-socialist bullshit goverment gives our men and women just enough to keep them going. Unfortunately the right leaning paries has been too fractured to mount an effective opposition. Maybe you guys could loan us President Bush to straighten things out up here.

To all the canucks and brits out there. Did 13 years in the Navy went everywhere, and never was treated as well as by canadians and brits, both civilian and military. You guys kick ass. PS have you noticed that we steal all of your comedians?

That’s the mighty greenback at work my friend. Alot of canucks a drawn by it. Capitalism, gotta love it. Hey I found a U.S. quarter at work the other day. I used it to pay off my mortgage and still had enough for a down payment on a new vette.

Terrorism is a worldwide problem, and it is good to see the world coming together to fight those pussy ass terrorists. Although Canadians are lucky that they are not a target of terrorism, it makes me proud that our northern brothers are here to help.

Now if we could just get the world to pick up some iron, we would all be a lot better off.

God bless america!

I am not surprised. You know, most americans don’t even know that back bacon is legal tender up there. BTW, since we take the comedians, can we send you our rappers?

Those were some encouraging responses. I gotta admit that I’m one of those “left leaning, quasi-socialist, bleeding heart types” but when it comes to defense and personal self defense, I believe in full and self sufficient empowerment!

America is bullshit. Fuck America! We’re all just part of their machine. They hurt the masses, for their own sake. The government is an evil, communist, tyranist machine! Fuck the machine!

Huck we try to keep the bacon thing quiet. If your rappers bring greenbacks we’ll gladly have em. Please feel free to keep alanis morrisette(sp?). Hey Il’ll trade you my lifetime supply of backbacon if you guys would send us Halle Berry. What a babe!!

Defex, you are a moron. It’s nice that you can be a teenager in America and be free to be a moron and express assinine sentiments to your heart’s content.

Here, you have free speech rights. Try going to China, North Korea, or Iran and spouting off against them, either in your simian fashion or in a logical critique and see how long you’re allowed to continue to do so. So just sit back comfortably in mommy and daddy’s comfy house and spout inane platitudes, basking in the freedoms that were purchased by the blood of the best of previous generations. Out.

What did Jesus say about false prophets? I forgot. On another note who was David Koresh and what did he have in common with Smith? CULT!!! Can you say Heavans Gate?!

First off, the fact that I’m a teenager has absolutely nothing to do with what I think of the government of the United States. Second, when did I compare America to another country, and say that country was better? I agree, this country is one of the best, compared to most, regarding freedom. But it’s not anything like it seems. It preeches freedom, then withholds it. It creates laws, which make absolutely no sense. There’s so much to say, I’m just going to sound like a raving lunitic if I try explaining it all to you, so I’d rather not.

All help was and is appreciated, especially by those of us who’ve served in the armed forces. Believe it.

Defex, the fact that you are a teenager has everything to do with it. If you were a little older and had a little more life experience, you might not be so quick to spout off about stuff that you obviously don't understand. But hey, everyone has a right to an opinion, even if it's an uninformed one, and everyone (at least in America) has a right to say it publicly without fear of much more than someone else calling him an ignorant asshole. Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy, huh?

Defex, you are a raving lunatic, and nobody has any interest in what you have to say. Please stop posting.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that your last post didn’t make you sound like a raving lunatic? The reason it was pointed out that you are a teenager is that you have no experience in the real world and barely have the taste of your mothers tit out of your mouth. It suggests that you know very little about life and ergo freedom. So go to the library and start reading start to finish. NOt just the shit you agree with read stuff you don’t agree with and do it with an open mind. Then people may be more receptive to your raving as you will not sound so ill informed.