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I'm training at 10:00 am.

Breakfast (8:00am): no fat, high protein (around 50g) moderate carbs (around 30g).

During workout drink (10:00-11:30am): no fat, moderately high protein (30-50) moderately high carbs (50g).

Post workout drink (15 minutes after training): high protein (50-75g), no fat, moderately high carns (50g)

Lunch (1:30): Moderate fat (6g fish or flax seed oil), high protein (50-75g), no carbs

Mid-afternoon (3:30): Moderate fat (6g fish or flax seed oil), high protein shake (50-75g), no carbs.

Supper (6:15): Same as lunch

Evening (9:30): Same as Mid-afternoon

Before bed (11:30): No fat, low carbs (20g), pure casein protein (25g) + whey protein (25g)

All around I get around 25-35g of fat per day, 130-150g of carbs and 380-450g of protein. Obviously these will vary slightly every day.


Isnt this CT's diet that he outlined in his forum?


fats are too low, dont have carbs before your am training


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