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Opinion: Android Tablet PC


thinking of getting a tablet to take with me on the go but i don't really know what to choose. does anyone here have any experience with them? i know i want one of the 7 inch versions for portability and don't want to spend a massive amount (not the samsung galaxy tab).

some specs i'd like:

obviously it's going to be wifi and hopefully bluetooth capable

  • capacitive multi touch screen
  • usb connection
  • SD or mini / micro SD card slot
  • flash player capable (android v2.2?)
  • access to google app marketplace

(gps, 3g, phone sim capable are all optional as i don't need it)

there's loads out now but none i've seen seem fantastic.
maybe should i wait for the next batch with the next android os release?

any suggestions people?


If you want an Android tablet, wait till Honeycomb is out with the next batches.


^ Yeah was thinking that. Probably best to wait for a tablet-specific OS rather than a phone one scaled up. This is probably the most reasonable one I've come across so far though:

Archos 70 - 8GB Android Internet Tablet

ARM Cortex A8 1GHz Processor
Not sure how much RAM this thing has? Either 256 or 512mb
Android 2.2 Froyo
800x400 7 inch screen
HDMI port
microSD slot
10hr (web surfing) battery life


Decent specs - what's the price? I think the Archos tablets are quite cheap, however if they have their own Android skin, updates will take a while to come through.