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Opinion about Basic Supplementation

hey guys,

i am reading alot of think about supplementation and everything we should take everyday. I dont know if its a big industry or its really helpful. The only supplement tested on the market is CREATINE MONOHYDRATE and the etude and the long time test show that it really work it long term !

but what about multi-vitamine, zinc, magnesium, vitamine D and named it…

Is it really useful ? where can i get the proof that it really work.

Well it’s not exactly true that the only supplement tested is creatine. It’s more accurate to say no supplement has been as tested as successfully as creatine. Supplement companies do test more often than what you’ll ever see reported. Researchers are funded on non-disclosure agreements so they can’t publish if there’s not a significant find. Which probably contributes to massive numbers of grad students doing studies on creatine for any number of variables.

I use a variety of supplements. Seem to work. I have no laboratory testing data to say they do. Use and see if they help. That’s probably about as scientific as it’s going to get on some.

I prefer a balanced diet.

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How many calories did you eat yesterday?
What macros did you eat yesterday?
How many hours of sleep did you get yesterday?
What does your next month of training look like?

If you don’t know these answers, or what they should be… then don’t worry about supplements. When you can apply the above consistently then supplementation will help.

I take vitamin D, Fish Oil and a multi. The first 2 have research backing them up. Multi does not. But I’m a tub-O-guts so take that advice with a grain of salt.

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This is a given and should be the baseline supplementation is added to.

I dont understand, thats not the question, i can respond to all your question, but this is not the point !

How vitamine D and fish oïl make you feel to take them everyday everymonth ?

Vitamin D I don’t feel. Correcting Vit D deficiency (which nearly everyone has) increases performance according to people far smarter than me.

Fish Oil makes my joints feel less inflamed. It has the most research of any supplement ever. Books have been written on it. The gist is that our modern diet is deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, which fish oil is rich in.

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you won’t “feel” either, but a good recommendation is 5000iu vitamin D and 3-5g fish oil.

Other cool supplements you might want to look into are ZMA, curcumin and vitamin K.

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Resistant starch and Pre-biotics were made a huge difference for me.