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Opinion? 1st Cycle


ok well im 5.8 165pounds
After all i seen and read and everything i do kno most info on everything but i still want to start out slow with my first cycle to check out my bodys reaction. im thinkin
anabol 20 to 25mg a day
with 10mg nolvadex
and 20mg of stanozolol
i want an all oral cycle for the reason dat i want to start out slow and see da affect of all dis.


Ummm.. you might want to take cover b/c I can hear the planes flying over getting ready to drop some bombs.. Especially if you're 18 like I"m sure you are..



3 Rules for you:

  1. Speak english
  2. Same as rule 1.
  3. State your stats in order with rules 1 and 2.


pffft gotta be at least 25 holmes so stop hatin and start participatin.
word to ya motha


You can take that 'yo yo check yourself holmes' somewhere else and come back when you are in my tax bracket, ok?

Again, if you would speak English we'd gladly help you, aight cuz?



nice first post dumbass.


I want help with my cycle not with grammer I happen to type very well and was in a rush. I kno there are alot of ppl against the ppl who are starting and always have a smart comment . If ur not posting on my ?s just don't post thank u very much.


Are you serious .lol. Your not helpin anybody . I want help with my cycle because I want to do this right. Apparently your just not understanding that I'm not here to argue and waist my time with ppl who are not trying to help .


I happen to believe this is a troll job, but in case it is not...

  1. Your posting style makes it seem that you are young. Too young to be using anabolics.

  2. At 165 pounds, you either a)Just started working b)Don't really know what you're doing in terms of training and diet or c)a&b. Both mean you won't get anything worthwhile out of a cycle

  3. You don't even mention how many weeks your cycle is going to last in your post. But the cycle is terrible so I suppose that's moot. You don't appear to have done much research at all. Read the Steroid Newbie Thread. All of it.


No one is against people "starting" and the smart comments were directed at your gangsta jibe.

I did post in regards to your ?'s.

STATS Please.

lets see the #'s bro
Age/weight/bf%/yrs training/goals etc.

And BTW, why in such a rush? Slow down, take your time to type clearly, and read closely to the replies, this is your first cycle, pay very close attention, if you stop with the ebonic bs, and show some respect you will get some great advice/direction.

Remains to be seen if you will follow it.

Next punk ass comment omits any offer(s) I made to help.


Alright. Let's assume you've been training and eating right for a while now.

An all oral cycle does not indicate that you are starting off slow. An all oral cycle posses greater risks to your liver while offering less efficient gains. If you check 99% of the aas forums a beginning cycle usually consists of a low to moderate dose(ie: 250-500mg a week) of injectable test.

If injection is a little too scary at this point you might want to look into something like superdrol, pheraplex, or halodrol.

Also, just as a little quiz, why would you include the nolve for on-cycle use? What does PCT stand for? Were you planning on using PCT?


What is a ppl?


I am 2Oyears old bf%16 and have been working out for about 5years. I was into boxing. And reseaching for about 2yrs. Pct is post cycle therapy . The nolvadex is for anti estrognic affect because anabol can very easily turn into estrogen which I do not want happening. I kno about the liver thing but I just prefur an oral. O and I was planning on running the cycle for 2weeks 3 at the most depending on how it goes remeber "there is no experience like a persons own" but it doesn't hurt to learn b4 doing .


My hed hrts from reading psts like deez... n e of you ppl got sum tylenol?




At 5'8", 165lbs, and 16% bodyfat, I think you should just try eating properly and working out for once.

I recommend that you work out during the day, so you can go to night school and learn English.

This thread would have been funny if it didn't happen so often.


In short, the cycle you laid out sucks moose cock. You need to start all over. Also, oral only cycles suck as well. Read the sticky at the top of steroid forum, every question you have is answered somewhere in there.



That's fucking funny, thanks massif.