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Operator/Military Prep Workout?


Anyone know of a good operator/military prep workout program? Looking to improve strength and endurance for my PFT for OCS in the USMC. Have a favorite one? What were your results?
All help is appreciated


Cut, past and go to that address, look for theworkout.pdf. I used it getting ready for Navy SWCC school in 03. It is a rather heavy schedule, as it combines lifting, running (both LSD type and sprints), rucking, calisthenics (pushups and situps/abs), and swimming. I was training 2-3 times per day in order to get everything done.

If you don’t need to work on swimming, then you can drop that portion, it will help with scheduling. Another modification was to do actual pullups instead of pulldowns. It got me in really good shape leading up to SWCC school. Then I went to SERE and basically lost all of it (along with 10-15 pounds of bodyweight).

If you are just focusing on the PFT portion right now, you won’t want to use this program. It’s more of a ‘get ready for S&T’ type of program.