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Operation Recomp


Age: 37
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 265

I’m a 37 year old lifter, former rugby & football player who needs to lose weight and recomp. My “in-shape” weigh is around 235-240 so that’s my immediate goal. I’d like to prove that “over 35” is mostly a state of mind.

Diet: I will follow a ketogenic diet w/ slightly higher protein and slightly lower fat than recommended. Will post macros.

Training: I will follow a bodybuilding split:

Rotator Cuff

Rear Delt

Loaded Carries
Movement (jumps, throws, etc)

Rear Delts (again)


Conditioning: Mostly Tabata training (airdyne, prowler, Hill Sprints, ski erg and rower) Occasional steady state cardio as active recovery.

Pics, etc to follow. Thanks in advance for support and tips anyone provides along the way!



  1. pre-exhaust/ warmup
    a) leg extension 5x15-20
    b) leg curl 5x15-20

  2. Walking lunge 5x10 ea.

  3. Back Hyper 5x10

  4. Goblet Squat 5x Tabata

  5. KB Swing 5x Tabata

  6. Abs x 10 sets

  7. Calves x 5 sets

Jump Rope 10x tabata
Airdyne Sprint 10x tabata

Calories 1800
Carbs 0
Fat 105
Protein 200

Notes: normally I’d eat closer to 2500 calories but my eating schedule was off today w work etc.


Weird training week w/ work and a weekend trip for Mother’s Day. Fit in an arms day today:

  1. Hammer Curl/ CG pushup 5x
  2. Barbell Curl/ Skull Crusher 5x
  3. Cable Curl/ Pushdown 5x
  4. CG chin-up/ Dip 5x
  5. Alt dumbbell Curl/ kickback 5x

(Inspired by the Matt Kroc arms workout posted on here on T Nation)

Cardio: none

2200 calories
200 proteins
9 carbs
140 fat


I’ve reconfigured my training split:

  1. Horizontal Push/ Pull (bench/ rows)
  2. Squat (squat, lunges, abs)
  3. Vertical push/ pull (press/ pulldown)
  4. Hinge (deadlift, hyper, RDL etc and abs)

Today’s Training:

  1. bench 5x5
  2. CG bench 5x8-15
  3. cable row 5x
  4. log row 5x
  5. chest Flye 5x
  6. Rear Delt Flye 5x

Cardio: none (I’m being lazy :frowning:️)

Diet: not sure yet but around 2500 cal; 200-220 protein; 0 carb


Today’s Training:

  1. Leg Ext 5x (preexhaust/ warmup)
  2. Leg Curl 5x (preexhaust/ warmup)
  3. Goblet Squat 5x
  4. Lunge 5x
  5. Abs x 10 sets
  6. Calves x 5 sets


Today’s Training: Vertical Push-Pull

  1. Strict Press ss/ pull apart 10x6-8/ 20-30
  2. Pulldown 10x10
  3. DB Shrug 5x10-20
  4. Face pull 5x20-30

Jump Rope 20x tabata
Airdyne sprints 10x tabata


Today’s Training: Lower Body Hinge

(I begin every LB day w/ Leg ext and leg curls as a warmup/ pre exhaust)

  1. Leg Ext 5x
  2. Leg Curl 5x
  3. RDL 5x8
  4. Hyper 5x
  5. Abs 10x

Cardio: none (too sore)


Thursday Evening Training (Bonus) Arms Workout:

  1. Hammer curl/ skull crusher 5x
  2. Cable Curl/ pushdown 5x
  3. Reverse curl/ CG Pushup 5x
  4. Preacher curl/ Kickback 5x
  5. Gripper machine 5x


Friday Training: Horizonatal Push/ Pull

  1. Bench 5x5
  2. Bench 5x8-15
  3. Row 5x
  4. Row 2 5x
  5. Flye 5x
  6. Face pull 5x


Saturday: Squat

  1. Leg ext 5x
  2. Leg Curl 5x
  3. Sandbag Squat 5x Tabata
  4. Sandbag Lunge 5x Tabata
  5. Abs x 10 sets
  6. Calves x 5 sets


Sunday Training: Vertical Push/Pull

  1. Strict Press/ pull apart 5x5/30
  2. Klokov Press/ pull apart 5x10/30
  3. Wide grip pulldown 5x
  4. CG pulldown 5x
  5. Lateral Raise 5x
  6. Face pull 5x


Tuesday: Lower Body Hinge (Deadlift)

  1. TBDL 10x
  2. Ab Work 10x

Notes on training:
I’m gravitating towards a GVT template. I will either to 10x10 on one exercise or pick 2 exercises for 5x10 each.

Current Split:

Bench 10x10
Row 10x10

Squat or Lunge 10xsets total
Abs 10x

Press 10x10
Pulldown 10x10

TBDL 10x10
Abs 10x