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Operation: Quadzilla


Okay guys. My new mission over the next year is to build completely inhuman quads. Like I want them to be freakishly out of proportion to the rest of my body, so that like if I went to Korea whereever I could put that really big building in a double thigh scissor lock and make it collapse. I want them to be huuugggeeee...

I'm in the gym and I'm doing my squads, and front squats and goblet squats and hacksquats and leg presses and box jumps and leg extensions and then doing some mean heavy lunges and straight leg deadlifts to maximise my legs. Of course on other days I'm doing the deadlifts and lifting really heavy and making other gym users quail, and women in the gyms hearts flutter, then quail too when they see how much of a badass I'm being. But yea anyway.

I would like ask advise towards nutrition and diet, and to what I should be eating, and how much etc in order to optimise my mighty behemoth sexy quads.

Thanks in advance


You got squats

add milk



You're not gonna build "freakish" quads in 1 year, just fyi. But it doesn't mean you can't work towards that. Just don't be all let down when you don't have legs like Tom Platz within a year, but it sounds like you're on the right track.

Eat lots of meat, eggs, [drink] milk, good amount of grains, some fruit and veggies, and keep getting stronger. Not THAT complicated. Stick to the basics, you'll figure out msot of the rest as you go, if you pay attention to how your body reacts.




The only thing I'd add is to have a goal for yourself. Something like "want to increase my quad measurement by this many inches" or "want to achieve 300lb back squat" etc. Your focus changes when you have a goal. When it's a worthy goal your activities take on a new level of empowerment.

Also as worthy a goal as "developing quads" are, remember your hamstrings as well :slight_smile:


I am assuming your legs are already at or above 30"?

Otherwise, one year won't cut it.

What are your stats now?


I need to see pics. Or this post is useless.

By the way, at my gym they dont call me birdMan, they call me... QUADZILLA!!!

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Fucking facepalm.

When you stop writting tweet tweet, then you might, just MIGHT have the slightest right to politely ASK for people to post pics. But DEMANDING pics, is a right that you gain through many years of training and 10k+ of knowledge able posts. And no tweet tweet

That would be all


Lol you're skinny^^^


Needs more leg extensions. And totally neglect your calves... the smaller they are, the bigger your quads will look.


Hahahaha. I am going to work this into everyday conversation starting.....NOW


I would much rather lift the most weight possible while minimizing (maybe not minmizing, but not going overboard with hypertrophy relative to strength) quad size. I did GVT for like 8 weeks several years ago and the 10x10 squats made my legs blow up, but my strength didn't change all that much. My legs already rub together and walking through Vegas this past weekend yielded awful chafage haha. But it's the adductor magnus that causes the rub, so maybe just having huge quads won't be as bad as huge legs in general.

All I'm really saying is prepare to take measures to ensure your legs don't cause annoying problems once they become freakish :wink:


Godzilla was from Japan, but OP's analogy works. Carry on.


Don't forget the cream :slight_smile:

Honestly, people think I'm mad when I say that, but it works...and no, my cholesterol levels are perfectly fine (had them monitored over 4 years since my "crazy" diet lol).


Not sure if the cream comment is a joke but I'll take it seriously. I've been using full cream and berries in my diet as fat source I assume. My diet is principally low carbs (paleo/anabolic without the cycling). Is that something like your "crazy" diet? Thanks.


When people say milk, how much milk are we talking about?
I try to skull 600ml of full cream milk, with a handful of almonds, usually at 3pm. Everyday.

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I'm sure that makes a nice snack, but you're only looking at a few hundred calories. Right or wrong, I think most people are talking about 2-4L a day of whole milk for growing.


Yep that's similar to my diet except with 2x bananas, no joke. Mine's low carb, although I take a banana before workouts (now workout 6x/week).

I've done experiments on myself several times and the outcome is always the same:

Cut out saturated fat from the diet (keep fat intake the same but no more than 30% of my dietary fat intake was sat.fat)...and without fail I find it very difficult to gain mass, my sex drive plummets, and my intensity in the gym sucks.

Translation = testosterone levels go down.

As soon as saturated fat is increased to at least over 50%, gains come easier, and sex becomes aggressive again (sorry for T.M.I. there lol).

In my opinion the reasons why certain foods are more anabolic than others is because of saturated fat (e.g. beef, milk products...and in smaller amounts, nuts and eggs etc).



That is all.


Well it depends how many calories you need to grow. If it's around 5000 and you wanted half your daily intake to come from milk then you'd need to drink 3-4 litres/day!

There are easier ways, like drinking evaporated milk (the ones in tins) - you'll be less bloated that way.

Just don't use my toilet if you've got lactose intolerance :slightly_smiling: