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Operation/Muscle Loss

greetings all!

I am about to have keyhole surgery on a shoulder and will be immobilised for months and unable to train.

last time i had an operation like this i lost a great deal of hard earnt muscle and strength, and this time i plan on some damage limitation!

Obviously i will keep the protein levels high and consistent through the day, and had considered HMB to help prevent muscle breakdown. i just wondered…

Does anyone have any experience or stories of going through an operation and not losing huge amounts of muscle and/or strength?

It was also suggested to me to carry on training my uninjured side as soon as i could, as the neural effect of training one side could help maintain some strength/size in the untrained/recovering side… any views or experience here too?

thanks all!

Diet #1 well that and honeslty staying positive a positive not depressed mind state the mind is a damn powerfull tool.

Other than that unless your willing to take AAS id say just nail that solid diet plenty of protein fats etc. dont worry so much about body comp dont LOSE weight for sure. Maybe Carbolin 19-19 or Alpha Male

and YES train anything you can as soon as you can every little bit helps and there have been studies that the carry over happens mainly neural but somewhat muscular.


thanks for the advice Phill!

i did mean to mention a good amount of healthy fats in there to keep the T high, as any good diet should have!

Anyone else got any advice for me or experiences to tell?!! hit me!