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Operation: Jacked Legs




LOL Powerpuff and Silverblood! Thank you guys for reading about my leg/glute journey!

Powerpuff, we ARE confusing. But I'm hoping built glutes -- and harder, bigger muscles in general -- become a trend that catches on among all women, so that someday husbands will be comfortable telling their wives "Hells yeah, Babe! Huge Bubble Butt right there!"


When asked "Does my butt/legs look bigger to you?" the correct answer is "Baby, I didn't think it/they could look any better, but I was wrong!"


^Yes. When I look at my daughter, better to see a focus on building some athleticism and the curves that go with it, than to strive for thin and thinner. For most women at least, it's not a very achievable goal. Very few are naturally built like the tall and thin beauty ideal we see in the magazines. Of course, I've found that people with this hobby can always be striving for lean and leaner which can be it's own problem, but at least there's a focus on function and athleticism, an appreciation for what the body can do, and when it's done in a healthy way - self improvement and instrinsic motivation over living life in comparisons to others. That's a constant battle I think. With body image, and with everything really.

Nice to chat with you!


I have nothing but respect for you! You're an inspiration! There's no point in pleasing others if it requires you to feel worse about yourself. Progression is everything!


Hi ladies,

Just like to add as a male I rate big muscly athletic looking legs on females.


That is all.



Hi Dani!

I am a big fan of yours! I always read you because I like your way of writing but more I like your truths.
I just read your article "Steroid Users On Soapboxes". So so true!

Enjoy your workouts and stay strong!

You have terrific legs! Trust yourself! Surely you are one of the most beautiful girls in "business".
Be well and keep writing!!!