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Operation Fast & Furious

“Two of the guns allowed to “walk” into the hands of criminals were used in a shoot-out that killed a US border patrol agent, Brian Terry.”

This is what I suspect:

“Fast and Furious was sanctioned by the Obama administration in an effort to justify tightening US gun laws. But the White House has said it had no direct knowledge of the operation.”

The name of this “operation” is proof that law enforcement is handled by people with a junior high mentality.

Contrast that with this:
“The straw purchase of firearms is the first step in illegal firearms
trafficking and the first step towards a prison cell,” said Special Agent in
Charge Dewey Webb of the ATF Houston Field Division. “If you illegally
purchase a firearm as part of a straw purchase scheme, you are just as
responsible as the person who uses that firearm in a crime. ATF will strictly
enforce the federal firearms laws to stop and prevent guns from getting into
the hands of criminals.”

What a cluster fuck of an operation.

". . . and simultaneously equip their private armies with assault weapons purchased thanks to America’s notoriously relaxed gun laws. . . "

i thought only about 1 in 5 guns confiscated came from the US. Hardly an open floodgate. I would be surprised if the US was even the major supplier. We are just an easy target. Its more likely that they are getting guns from corrupt members of their military. Joes Gun shack does not sell grenades

contrast that to the marijuana flooding across to the US:

“More than 60 percent of the cartels’ revenue – $8.6 billion out of $13.8 billion in 2006 – came from U.S. marijuana sales, according to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.”

of course they lowered that number significantly when it was being used to support prop 19 in CA.