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Operation Be Less Fat


I recently got a peek at Vincent Dizenzo’s new program that you made for him. I am in similar place as Vincent in battling being overweight but not wanting to give up the strength I have worked hard for. I have a couple of questions about this.

  1. Is the program sticking with the normal 5-3-1 rep scheme and percentages or are those changed?
  2. It looks like there are 4 or 5 additional work sets to increase workout volume after the 5-3-1 set are completed. What percentages should those be done at?
  3. Is there any rhyme or reason to the assistance work being paired with the main lifts?

I am sure i will have more questions as I am relatively new to the 5-3-1 program but i will try and dig through the forums for answers.

Background on Me: 37 years old, 360lbs at 6’1", been working the Texas Method on and off for two years and looking for something different because i keep pulling muscles 5-6 week into a cycle.


My advice is to wait until the program is published. A lot went into it and you need the full picture - what Vincent is doing is the same idea but not exactly the full program (due to injuries).

I can say that I’m proud to have done in 6 months what shitty programs have spent decades trying: getting strong as hell and in amazing shape/less body fat. I wish these people would just let the adults handle the real work.

It’ll be in new book - and it’s worth it. Although it’ll be ignored by most - it is amazing and simple and works so damn well. Also, nothing I do is random; everything has a reason and has been tested. The days of letting the boys throw darts at a board to determine a workout is over.

That’s sounds exactly what I am working on. Any idea when the book will be published? I’ve determined I need to make a change and I have no clue about programing.

Thank you for responding. I have tons of respect for what Vincent has accomplished and any chance to learn from his teacher is an amazing opportunity.