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Operation Aloha



Get as big as possible by November 2016 and then diet down to shredded levels for Hawaii holiday April 2017.

Long time since I last logged, unsure how many of the gang that used to log are still around (spidey, usmcd, yogi etc).

Used to log here rather often when I was a student, circa 2013/2014 when I dieted down to sub 10% and bulked back up to fatso status. “Just make it fast loud and rude” was the title.

Sort of fell out of the way of things due to breakdown of a long term relationship, graduating university, becoming a Police officer and my laptop getting goosed.

Been training fairly consistently, however with the style of job I have I do struggle from time to time.


Workout 1

7/6/16 Chest

Barbell bench - 92.5k X 6 reps X 3 sets
Dumbbell bench - 30k’s X 11 reps X 3 sets
Incline bench - 50k X 12 reps X 3 sets
Dumbbell incline bench - 20k’s X 10 reps X 3 sets

Skipped triceps cause of lack of time.

Will post tomorrow with pics and body stats for progress reasoning.

Just for clarification, I train chest/back/shoulders/arms atm. I do deads on back day, don’t do any squats as I tried to do a leg day but really struggling going to work and running about with all my gear on with sore legs and compressed lower back. I don’t have set days or rest days, I just train when I can fit it in and feel rested enough.


Great to have you back!


I was a lurker for most of that time so we didn’t cross paths much, but it’s good to see you back here.


I remember stalking your log too and your competition with Furo! Please give me grief where you see fit for not doing much “functional” stuff to push me to actually go outdoors and train haha


9/6/16 Rest Day

Woke up with a really upset stomach and light headed, obv due to the dehydration caused by the shits.

Back on shift today as well so decided to just rest and do back tomorrow.

Starting Stats (should have done this on first post)

Weight - 183lbs (little light due to stomach problem)
Height - 187cm


Front pic


Back pic


10/06/2016 - Back

Deadlifts - 140k X 3 reps, 150k X 3 reps
Barbell shrugs - 65k X 12 reps X 3 sets
Chin ups - body weight X 10, 10, 9 reps
V grip pull downs - 50k X 12 reps X 2 sets
Medium grip pull downs - 40k X 15 reps X 2 sets
Dumbbell incline rows - 20ks X 12 reps X 2 sets

Lower back was iffy so cut the deads short.

@Yogi1 what’s been happening mate?


The Wolverine returns! Nice to have you back, dude. Congrats on all the life goal stuff too. Not sure how I feel about you being polis but so long as you promise never to go rummaging around in my medicine cabinet then I’m sure we can still be friends.

I’m good, mate. Still doing the same shit as ever. I’m excited to see you logging again because you were always great at getting shredded. Most of the old crowd are around but sadly I’ve not seen Spidey round these parts for a while now.

Hawaii? Bring some factor 50! Haha


It’s good to see yourself still here posting actively. Acht I’m sure you have nothing untoward within your home at all…well maybe some stuff lol :roll_eyes:.

Aye hopefully I can get to that condition with a wee tiny bit more muscle this time come April. I’ve got two weeks in Florida in September to get me prepared for the sun, so I fully expect to get my Scottish tan sorted come Hawaii :sunglasses:.


11/06/2016 Shoulders

Military press - 52.5k X 9 reps X 3 sets

Wide grip press - 35k X 12 reps X 3 sets
Superset w/
Rope front raise - 2.5k X 15 reps X 3 sets

Lateral raises - 7.5k X 15 reps X 3 sets
Rear delt raises - 7.5k X 15 reps X 3 sets

Forgot to mention that my cable machine is plate loaded. So I don’t count the laden weight for movements such as pull downs and rope front raise, only the plates I add on.


so is it Berardi’s Get Shredded Diet again?

I plan to push to put on a bit of size this year then do a long slow cut using Berardi’s diet next spring.


Pllllleeeeaaaaaase get over your fears and get pics posted cause I bet your transformation will be awesome.

For myself, I’m hoping I will have the cash spare to maybe actually hire someone. Otherwise it will be the good old tried and tested.


I should eh? Girlfriend’s been bitching at me for a while now to finally join the 21st century and get a camera phone. I suppose I’ve been posting here so long it’s about time I actually prove I lift!

Might even log the cut, although all my attempts at logging have gone pretty poorly.

What’re your maxes like these days? Your back’s looking thick as fuck


You definitely should log mate, it definitely helped me stay on track and get some needed input.

Wellllll long story short, I’ve not maxed out in a long time. I’m weaker than 2014 but I am 20lbs lighter so to be expected.

When I went off to Police college at the very beginning of last year for three months The food I was provided was really minimal and had loads of fitness shit to do constantly so I dropped a lot of weight (as per pic above). The gym on site only had machines also which meant no 531 for me.

When I left the college I started 531 again and the best I got on the final weeks were:

Bench 115k X 2 reps
Deadlift 190k X 1 reps
M press 75k X 2 reps
Squat 140k X 1 rep.

And for the past 8 weeks I’ve been doing my current kind of bodybuilding style training.

I was embarrassed that I have benched 130k before but never been able to rep 100k for 6 for 3 sets so I’m aiming for that the now.

<imgsrc="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/3/13885daf9e033742fac4ff071b9a5d967178eeee.png" width=“281” height=“500”>



13/06/16 Chest

Should have been arms but I will do them tomorrow.

Bench - 92.5k X 7,6,7 reps

Dumbbell bench - 30k’s X 12 reps X 3 sets

Incline bench - 50k X 12 reps X 3 sets

Dumbbell incline - 20k’'s X 10 reps X 3 sets

Rope pushdowns - 5k’s X 15 reps X 3 sets

Overall a really good workout. Improved on barbell and dumbbell bench. @furo motivated me to get three sets of twelve for dumbbell bench lol.


Glad to see you back!

I don’t log much anymore but I still post in some of the sub-forums. Good luck with your goal, Hawaii is awesome.


14/06/2016 Arms

Cable pushdowns - 10k’s X 20 reps X 3 sets
Superset w/
Dumbbell curls - 10k’s X 15 reps X 3 sets

Rope pushdowns - 5k’s X 20 reps X 3 sets
Superset w/
Dumbbell hammers - 10k’s X 15 reps X 3 sets

Incline ez extensions - 30k X 15 reps X 3 sets
Superset w/
Incline curls - 10k’s X 12 reps X 3 sets

Single arm pushdowns- 1.25k’s X 25 reps X 2 sets
Superset w/
Single arm preachers - 10k’s X 10 reps X 2 sets

Arms are definitely a focus for me the now as they are tiny for someone over 6 foot.