Operation 220 to 250 Launching Today

calves workout (yes i give calves their own day)

calf raises on leg press 5xF

sitting calf machine 2xF

calf machine 4xF

standing calf raises 4xf

stair master 15 mins.

chest today

bench press 225x5x3sets than 205x6x1

incline bench 135x6-9x4sets

press machine 3x7-10

pec deck 2x10

weight today at 228 in morning (after bathroom)

leg day

leg press

4 plates 12 reps

5 plates 12 reps

6 plates 10 repsx2sets

3 plates 25 reps

leg extension drop set 5 sets

machine leg press 3x10

step ups 3x10

hamstring curls 5x6-10

(should of did more for hamstrings but got tired).

starting new pull up program

did 13 sets of 3 reps and 1 more rep to make it 40 next workout gotta do 4 reps for 10 SETS and slowly increase the reps and decrease the sets until i can do 4 sets of 10

barbell curls 5x7-10

calf raises 6xF

bench press

only got 225x3 times(wierd becaus usually i can do it 5-6 times)



5 sets of push ups to failure


sitted calf raises

different calf machine

front calf work with dumbbell

pull ups did:

7 sets of 4 and 4 sets of 3 for a total of 40 pull ups.

chest and tris

bench press 225x5x4sets


dumbbell bench press 85s 6 times

75s 7 times sets

than 70s 7 times

incline bench press 3x10

machine press 3x10

tricep work 6 sets.

weight in today at 230 in the morning

arms 17.2 forearms 13.2

legs 25.6(lower part of quad)

calves 16.3(still look way to small)

dont know how to measure chest but it looks like it got a little bigger same with shoulders.

tried to do 20 reps on squats but ended up only doing 16 with 225 lmao i couldn’t get it up.

so i just did 4 more sets of squats and finished with calf raises.

bench press best set 225x5(kinda stalling on this weight)

pull ups 8 sets of 5 completed

bicep curls 5x10

shoulder press 135x7 best set

took the week off because of cold gonna return to training on monday

chest yesterday

started with heavy pec deck

went on to decline bench press 185x10 best set

incline dumbell bench press 2x8

hammer machine press

push ups

trying to play around with the exercises to see which one i feel most in my chest because when i do regular bench press i feel it more in my shoulders than my chest.

back and bis

pull ups 4x5

pull downs 4x8-10

rowing machine 4x10

dumbell row 2x8

bicep curls 3x10

rope hammer curls 3x10

shoulder press 4x6-10

lateral raises 4x8-10

machine lateral raise 3x10

triceps work 2 exercises 4x10 each

230 in the morning after bathroom i am now 10 pounds heavier than when i started this log seems like progress on the scale but i don’t look much different so its starting to piss me off =(

measurments 17.2 inch arms

quads 26 inch

calves 16.6