Operation 220 to 250 Launching Today

19 years old
6 foot 3
220 pounds

right now weight in at 220 in the morning (after going to the bathroom) and i’m still not happy with how i look i still have that lanky long limb look and i’m looking to achieve that “buff thick look” that my shorter friends have.so i started my bulking diet today not really counting calories but eating as much as i can stomach for 5-6 meals a day more carbs than usual and im drinking olive oil to increase fat intake.

i will comment on my progress after each training session so i can record my lifts and keep myself motivated to break them next time in the gym.

advice with this bulk will be appreciated like foods to buy and supplements and stuff like that.

What kind of foods exactly are you eating?
A “clean bulk” is the best approach IMHO. Lots of whole grains like oats, brown rice.
Healthy fats in avocado, nuts, etc.
Eat a couple of pieces of fruit but not too much as it’s loaded with sugar.
Eat massive amounts of veges but not so much peas or corn.
I realise everyone hits the shakes and they are certainly a convenient way to up your gains but it pays to also eat as much real meat as possible, as they contain a lot that shakes do not… I nail about a kg of chicken/beef/pork/lamb every day and much prefer this approach to endless shakes. I also noticed a drop in bloating when I ditched shakes; may just be an intolerance though.
And remember to drink 3+ litres of water a day.
This kind of approach should limit fat gains and make you generally healthy as. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to work out your calories too though… at least roughly.

Good luck!

Thanks!My protien sources are mostly lean meats like chicken breast,tillapia and I eat red meat atleast ones a day and the only shakes I have are after workout and pre bed so my diet isent too dirty but I do eat a lot of burgers cuz there good for mass =)

Good stuff dude, you sound like you are onto it. Protein shakes are an awesome supplement, it just irks me when people think they are just as good as meat. I tend to have four 250g feeds of meat every day; salmon for breakfast, steak for lunch, lamb or pork around 4pm, and chicken for dinner. Along with nuts and other foods that gives a pretty good dose of protein.
Haha yeah burgers are badass… though the takeaway variety are pretty grim!

not over here man i just go to five guys burger and fries best burgers ever =)

today was chest day

4x8-10 dumbbell bench press best set was 85 pound dumbbells 8 times

machine press 4x8-10 best set was 3 plates each side 7 times

incline dumbbell press 4x8-10 best set was 55x7 times (was tired already lol)

last exercise pec deck 5x8-10 best set was 135 pounds 8 or 9 times

didn’t feel good about this workout had to hurry because gym was closing next time i will go in the morning.

shoulder workout
kinda ran thought the workout there were to many people at the gym to do the stuff that i wanted .

back workout

4xF pull ups could only get like 8 pull ups pathetic mayne…

4x8-10 lat pull downs

dumbbell row did 3 sets of 8 with the 90 pound dumbbell next time gonna try the 95.

pulling machine 3x10

another pulling machine 3x10

bicep curls with 35 pound dumbells did 10 reps for 3-4 sets

sitting machine curls 70 for like 8 times was tired allready

leg workout

squats 4x8

hack squat 4x8

leg press 4x8-10

leg extension 3x10

calves 4x10

What routine are you doing man? Or do you adlib it

i just do a 4 day split and randomly pick exercises that i feel work good for me.

chest today

bench sucks do to long arms(MY EXCUSE =))


dips 5 sets to failure getting 8-10 reps per set

dumbbell fly’s 4x10-12reps

5 sets push ups till failure

gonna hit triceps on shoulder day tomorrow.

weighted in at 226 in the morning today(after bathroom)

legs yesterday

did squats


best set with 225 was 12 reps and best set with 265 was 6

then i did front squats 5x7-10

calf raises 6xF

gonna hit hamstrings some other day.

I’m in, as I’m gaining weight atm as well. I’m 5’10, started at 165 in August (after having stupidly cut from 200 in May). Now at 192, and I’m not stopping until 220.

Out of curiosity, have you considered doing an actual program? It would almost certainly help for you to have a structured training regimen: 5/3/1, BBB, KingofBeef’s split, etc

yeah i was thinking of getting on a program but i don’t know which one to choose,i have just being going by feel till now.

the only program i tried was starting strength but all that gave me was strength gains because i really didn’t get that much mass gains from it(except quads and hams they got a lot bigger) so i’m looking for a high rep program(7-12) around there because that’s the rep range i got the most muscle gains on.

can you suggest any good high rep programs out there that are ok for the natural lifter?

German volume training

back and chest today

dips super-setted with pull ups 6 sets each

dumbell press super setted with dumbell rows 4 sets

pec deck 4x10

back row machine 4x7-10

weighted in 230 in the morning must be holding some water weight.

measurements did today.

arms 17.1

forearms 13.1 (a little small going to start putting in direct work for them now)

legs 25.6

calves 16.1 =(

and i don’t know how to measure chest

calves today measured at 16.3 and measured bros 16