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Opera Browser ... Cool

I recently switched to a cable modem with 1 Gig per month download limit. I was previously with Netscape (dial-up) with web accelerator software.

After an unsuccesful search for free web accelerators, I remembered that Opera had no images + right-click Image Reload option, which to my knowledge does not exist in Firefox or MSIE.

Long story short, I was surprised by the speed and user-friendliness of Opera. Works nicely on T-Nation.com so far.

I just discovered Opera a week or two ago. I think it’s great. Much better than IE and also has a few other features that I like just a tad better than Firefox.

a gig a month? thats nothing. P.S web accelerator software is a joke.

YES. i’ve been using opera for years. its the best browser around. you can customize a ton of shit. try adding userjavascripts. (http://userjs.org/)

I’m an Opera user as well, mostly because of the “mouse gestures” function… It just makes it much easier to navigate.