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Openly Gay T-members


The T-Nation forums often seem pretty homophobic, and I've never encountered a post from an openly gay member. Considering that gay people are known for taking care of their bodies - working out, eating right, etc., surely there are a few out there. I just wonder about this every time I hear someone being called a "homo" as a flame.

And no, I'm not gay, in case you were wondering.


You homo. This thread is totally gay.

You bring up a good point. I bet that once a few brave souls come out, the rest will feel less intimidated.

So ... I ... am ... gay.



Huh? I know a couple of openly gay dudes - one is a coworker and the other
is a longtime friend's wife's friend (say that five times fast). Both are fat boys that go completely against any basic principles of eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. It's ignorant to make a blanket statement like that. I'm pretty sure gays come in all shapes and sizes just like the rest of us.


What a hasty generalization. I know a few openly gay individuals who happen to live their lives completely opposite that of a healthy lifestlye.

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who give's a shit? err not that i'm gay. Err not that there's anything wrong with that. I quit


However, that stereotype is often used to describe anyone who is into bodybuilding...as if building yourself up and making yourself stonger means you are gay. I guarantee some guys use that as an excuse to not train regularly. I'm not gay, but I don't think this thread should be degraded because of that one generalization. I do think it is a good idea to make it clear that gay does NOT go hand in hand with being physically fit, even though some of them may admire those who are sexually.

I think part of that perception is because the majority of society is "homophobic". I have no doubt that there are many who think simply looking at a male bodybuilder as inspiration leads to "gayness". What is funny is how women can hug and kiss each other, go into changing rooms together and give each other open compliments without it being seen as "gay". That means that society as a whole has an image problem. Meanwhile, it begs that every guy become more feminine in actions and character.

Perhaps this thread could turn into something quite useful in destroying these perceptions held by the majority...as perception often equals reality until challenged.


Dude, girls fag out all of the time. The problem with society is that we don't call girls "fags" enough. It goes a long way, especially in a professional situation, towards busting up the status quo.

The rest of you guys need to quit being so f*cking sensitive. It seems as if every time someone makes a statement that could be taken as derogatory, someone does. Perhaps what JMB was alluding to is the stereotype that X mentions. The professional BB community is rumored to have some some pretty twisted homosexual behavior.

What I want to know, is which ones of you put up the big bucks to spank it to a naked, oiled up, posing Jay Cutler?

THAT is a question.



now that we've all admitted we're gay let's hold hands together.


The homophobic and often outright verbal violence towards homosexuals/ality is why I view this website primarily as a source of information and the use of the forums as nothing more than the ability to get an answer once in a while.

It is just too uncomfortable for me to see people so off the cuffly remark in such negative terms especially when it comes to being negatively descriptive of someone, use derogatory homosexual terms.

And the whole "nothing wrong with being gay" that every other poster uses at the end of their statements, usually to the effect of "Dude you are such a fag in that gay ass pink shirt, you probably stare at dudes asses in the locker room, faggot!" in probably half a dozen of the most popular threads here, is a great example of knowing that there IS something wrong in their minds with being gay, hence the comment in the first place.

I don't expect anyone to change, and I am not asking for anyone to, just throwing out my stance since this seems a good thread to state it.

Back to lurking.


i have come across one post on this site by a lurker who said he was gay, but i dont remember who or in what thread.

i use words like 'gay' and 'homo' and 'totem pole smokin chocolate pusher' often as derogoraty or facetious remarks, but have recently wondered about my feelings about those if i were gay. this forum is definatly not a place for gay guys. unless they were T-gay guys, of course. lol

BTW, did anybody notice that Dan just came out the closet?


I did. I never would have thought that Bastard was a closet case.


WTF? This is a gay comment. Don't call them "fags" enough? You mean don't encourage their lesbian lovin' enough.


Of course not all gays work out. You could consider my statement similar to: "bodybuilders are known for taking steroids." Not all bodybuilders do, but it's one thing they're publicly known for.

But none of that is the point. The point is that this forum doesn't need to intimidate the gay among us into staying "in the closet" for fear of verbal abuse.

I think some people are reacting because they see my question as an attempt to make this forum more "gay friendly." If fact, I'd like to help make this forum more "truth friendly." If you're gay, you don't need to hide it.


I used to be a manager of a cell phone store in a mall in Memphis back in 01 and 02.There were many "openly" gays that worked there,and you just couldn't sterotype them.There were the flamers,the"Rock Hudson"gays that you would never in a million years think were gay,hip-hop,urban gays,body-builderers gays,fat slobby gays,ect.That was the first time I was really around so many homo-sexuals,that I realized,for the most part,that you couldn't really stereotype gays,they were just normal guys who happened to be sexually attracted to other men.Yes,there were the wispy,limp wristed gays,but there was also gays that looked like they just steped out of a 50cent video.So it wouldn't suprize me if you told me anyone was gay on this site,including the posters who call others fags,or homos.


those who protest too much.....


Or maybe it's because we make statements like "gays do this".."gays don't do that".

Would anyone ever say, "Well, not all blacks work out", or "Not all indians are cab drivers and/or (yeah, AND) neurosurgeons"

I think it's a bit odd to ask a certain marginalized group of people to identify themselves. Although I know the intentions are good (and good on ya for that), it's risky to bank that everyone on T-Nation can accept these lifestyle differences with a spirit of celebration. Although I think that diversity is worth exploring, many may not. And while I respect those opinions as well, I would not want to draw them toward me if I were gay.

This is scattered, I know.. but just some personal thoughts, after having worked extensively in development support systems for AIDS affected individuals in the heterosexual and GBLT community.


When I became an online member of T Nation some time ago, I quickly realized two things:

I The forum jargon is very rude.

II Most of the guys around here are pretty homophobic.

I've got used to my first observation, namely the inflationary use of four letter words rather quick.

But I can't understand all the stupid gay jokes.
Guys - that is so childish and untestosteronish.
And NO, I won't point out that I'm not gay, because my sexual orientation should be totally irrelevant to you.


There are some openly gay posters here.

As long as they don't marry I don't think anyone has a problem with it. :slightly_smiling:

As to using the term as an insult, I think it is slowly dying out.


Maybe not safe for work, but this photographer named Brian Moss was interviewed several months ago. He's spent considerable time behind the scenes with bodybuilders and has some insights into this thread.


"Gay men have always been way ahead of the curve when it comes to hardcore training."


Please don't start with the "hey your homophobic" bullshit. I personally don't care if people are gay. It seems like the gay community always tries to push the joys of gayness down our throats (ha,ha,ha). Correct me if I'm wrong, but everytime someone stands up and says that they are against gayness, the whole homophobic thing comes up.