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Opening Vial of 1ml Test E?


Question new user : How do you open the little Vial ? its test e and its in a clear vial thats pointed at the top i dont see how to access . Please help


lol.. by vial do you mean amp?


Yes sorry like i said new


You had to make a thread about this?

You couldn't search it or read the instructions or something.

Just make a tiny whole with a very hot and sharp wire in the side. Then suck out all the test and spit it into a cup then just use your needle and syringe normally. it's real simple


just google this please. come on. there are so many explanations of this already


LOLLLLL! Please, don't do that.

Seriously, just Google it or look on YouTube. You don't really have to use filter needles though, that's CYA stuff for nurses. Just inspect very carefully for glass fragments before you draw. It's highly unlikely if you do it right, I've never seen it.


use a file score it at the crease, take a pen cap put it over the top and break!


How I open an amp:

1) take an alcohol tissue and disinfect the amp
2) look for a very tiny incision in the neck of the amp. The manufacturer put it there to allow you to break the top off easier.
3) using the tissue to protect your hands, just pop off the the top AWAY from the incission.

Also, Google is your friend


Really? I've never bothered to swab my amps, I didn't know this was a concern. The inside is sterile and your needle shouldn't touch the outside (if it does accidentally I throw it away and get a new one.) It certainly doesn't hurt I guess. But it sounds like one of those things (like aspirating) that is just not absolutely necessary.

Also not all amps are pre-scored as you mention. I wish they were. Actually, I wish everything just came in 10ml vials...but amps are at least slightly harder to fake, they have that going for them.