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Opening My Own Gym

For the few who may have read my post about opening a gym. I leased out a building in February, and have been very busy renovating, painting moving equipment, etc…

My concept was to specialize in training athletes and open a gym where guys and gals like us would like to train.

I had originally set a budget of 10,000 dollars, but quickly saw that I would not be happy with the results if I did it on the cheap. So I re-evaluated and decided to just basically buy everything that I wanted. Here is the list:

2 olympic platforms, bars and plates
Elite fitness Glute-Ham raise
Westside barbell Reverse hyperextension
Cemko rubberized dumbells 5-100
3 squat racks w/adjustable benches
2 trap bars
about 2000 lbs of cemko olympic plate
magnum hamstring curl machine
3 keiser spin bikes
med balls, bosu, swissball, etc
(all I can think of off hand)

So far, I have recruited a really great mix of athletes from a variety of sports. They range from national development team members, to novice players. If you want to check out the gym and the types of programs that we run, here is the website:


Any feedback about the website would be appreciated, I did it myself (which was a painful process because I have never done any webpage design before).

I just wanted to say that it has been a really rewarding experience (so far) to build something out of nothing. Plus it gives me and my wife a great place to train, use as much chalk as we want, play whatever music we want and zero excuses not to make it to the gym!!!

Let me know what you think…


I think you have pretty much everything you could need.

Best of luck.

Maybe add some chains and bands, though?

Neither are that expensive, especially if you make your own chains.

My 2lbs.

hey good luck with everything.

Oh and what about some

dip belts
and power rings…great cool off or warm up…hell even a workout

I have no suggestions, but I would just like to say congratulations! That is awesome and I hope to be doing the same thing in the near future! Keep us posted on your progress. I am really interested to see how things work out for you. Best of luck!


Maybe a;

-Thick bar
-Parellel bar for dips
-Set of “Plate Mates”
-Weight Attatchment belt
-Power Rack or two, unless this is the “squat racks” you spoke of
-Triple beam scales in both locker rooms

Good luck!