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Opening Attempts and the Following Lifts

have a meet this weekend. contemplating my lifts. only my 3rd meet. need some advice.
im a bench only guy. and i hit a 440 to the chest in practice, very easy. but touch and go.3 board PR is 500. im thinking about opening at 413. then jumping to a 449? then a 455-460. i need advice. please help!

You can’t know for sure until warm-ups. I like to have an opener in mind; something I know I can double quite easily, a 2nd (usually a PR attempt) and the 3rd which is more than likely a PR or whatever I need for a record attempt…this attempt should be dependent on your performance thus far in the meet and is very dynamic.

None of us can tell you exactly what your attempts should be. If you’re comfortable acing 413 on even your worst day then I see that as a decent opener choice, though from your picture it looks as though you lift shirted…which throws in many more factors. A touch and go 3bd has little translation to a paused full range bench press, throw that number out of your head.

very big help my friend. thank you for the advice!!!

damn, thats some great advice right there, and definitely what i needed. thank you for the tip sir. it is very appreciated

With a shirt, the bigger question on an opener is how little weight can you get to touch. If you can adjust the shirt (or if it’s just loose enough) to where 400 will touch, then stick with your plan.

What you don’t want to happen is to open light, then blow an attempt because you spent 5 seconds hovering two inches above your chest and the spotters had to take it, and now your 2nd attempt is coming up and you already wasted a lot of energy. If you know you can touch 413, I’d open there. It’s just an opener, you never intend to keep that number.

If you lift raw then forget all that, and if you’re hitting 440 for an easy single, 90-93% of that (400-415) should be able to go every workout. Good luck.

pigeon, im lifitng shirted. i definetly see where you are comming from, and i thankyou for the advice. im stickin with 413, its what i have in my mind, and im sure i can touch it as long as i dont jack the shirt. also, we’ll see how warm ups go.
thankyou again for the help