Openers for 148 Age 15 for State Regionals?

Just wanted an opinion on my openers and to see if this is good totals for an age 15 I’ve been doing powerlifting close to 1.5 years now and wanted to get opinions and advice

My squat opener is 315 and i had done 330x2 as well as been using a squat suit and getting used to it as i just bought it.

My bench opener is 165 and the most I’ve ever gotten was 195 and haven’t been able to get any higher then 185 since our last meet due to a rib injury

My deadlift opener is 315 and I’ve gotten 330 at a meet before and haven’t truly worked up to a true max.

Just wanted some opinions since i dont really get much coaching from my coach and wanted to get some criticism.

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Fire your coach bro

Your numbers are pretty solid except your bench (no shade, my bench sucked for a LONG time and still does)

315 squat
330(ish) deadlift
at bodyweight 148?

Bro you’re killing it.
Give your bench some time and get a coach that actually coaches you… an important note is that your coach shouldn’t even be mentioning steroids or PEDs to you. If whoever you use does, then that isn’t the coach for you.
^not a powerlifter

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I will never use pets till I’m at least 21 plus even then i wont most likely

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I killed 330 squat this morning and got 335 up on deadlift pretty easy and yeah 148 bodyweight hopefully i win my regional at 148 i placed 15/27 on my last meet but she put my bench at 185 when i couldnt get it in warmups and bombed out of bench and if i had stayed at 165 i could of placed top 1-4/27 and my bench was 95 last year so I’ve made leaps and bounds

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I think since you are young, and haven’t competed much, that going only for PRs on your third attempts makes a lot of sense. I have used 92.5%, 97.5% and 102.5% of my PRs for my selections and gotten good results with that approach. You can go a bit above 102.5% if you smoke you 2nds. This method does require that your PRs are pretty accurate (current), and that they are to competition standards.

Are you competing in gear?

Yep competing in gear.

That does make lift selection harder especially for bench. I don’t know gear well, I’ve worn a bench shirt once. I know if it is really a tight shirt, that you may need more weight to touch.

I guess I wonder, why are you competing in gear so early? I think it takes a lot more time training for geared powerlifting, and that time could be spent on more hypertrophy. It always seemed to me that one should be really strong before using gear.

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Our old coach pushes everyone to get into gear. Not sure why but if u wanna see my lifts you can go on instagram and see me compete and see Jtraylor_powerlifting

It would be interesting to understand this methodology. I’m going to double down on getting a 2nd opinion from another strength coach

IMO, make sure you get your openers.
The squat must get low enough. Wearing a suit is a concern if the weight isn’t heavy enough to allow you to drop to parallel. When warming up see how you feel. But I would think 315lb opener would be easy enough. How much time have you had to grow accustomed to squatting in a support suit?
I assume you must stop the bar on your chest and wait for the signal to lift. You don’t want to miss your opener.
The deadlift doesn’t have constraints that might hinder making the opener, for the most part.

Everyone mostly wears gear that is competing for state in Louisiana. The winner of my weight class and division was a sophomore had a 365 squat 185 bench and a 405 deadlift. But i think i can compete for 1st place

You get into gear for longevity IMO. I only competed raw for many years. Gear extended my competitive years. Wish I would have started sooner.

2-3 yrs max raw competing for a good base. You’ll still train raw at times but gear will keep you in this much much longer.

Start with Titan gear in a regular fit to learn it. As you get stronger put on tighter and tighter gear to get more out of it as you learn technique. At least in singleply. I can’t comment on the multiply stuff.