Open Vial of Test E, Shelf Life?

i opened a multi-use vial of test e took only one pin, question is, is the vial still viable to use again after approx 9 months or not?

What do you mean by “opened”?

I sure he meant, pulled the cap off and drew one dose with it. Then it’s been sitting on the shelf since.

I would personally just buy a new vial, they are cheap enough.

If it is me, I would probably use it again because I am a cheap bastard (not in regards to others, I always pay my fair share, I only deprive myself). I would heat it up in some shallow boiling water just in case.

With steroids, I don’t think that price is usually the concern, it is often the effort and risk to obtain quality gear.


Just inject it into whatever limb you don’t mind losing.

Seriously though, yeah, you can boil it or bake it. If you bake it just make sure to put a needle in it so it can vent, or it will explode.

PV=NRT after all. Not a bad idea to do in a shallow pan of water either.

I think it would be fine. Is it UGL stuff or pharmacy grade?
You could do a small dose for your 1st injection to see if you get any PIP.

9 months, that shits just starting to mature like fine wine. Oil based steroids last a long time, several years at least.

It’s fine. The reason it’s made with BA is to prevent bacterial growth from exactly the type of exposure to air that you’re talking about.