Open to Suggestions on New Routine


well im starting to plateau with my current “Max OT” style training split, and im looking for a new routine

perferably something with more volume and less heavy rep ranges (as ive been doing 4-6 reps/set this whole time)

I need something that will totally bust this current plateau, and perferably help me bulk up from 180ish lbs (havent weighed myself in a while but im assuming im around 180) to 200 lbs. I know this will largely depend on food intake, but having a good, fresh routine would certianly help.

i was thinking something a long the lines of CT’s HSS-100, but the only problem with that is all the super sets would be really hard to pull off in the gym i train at because its so busy 24/7

but something similar in terms of volume/frequency would be cool…any ideas?

Try to use a higher volume specially on the bodyparts you consider lagging. How much time do you want to stay on the higher volume stuff.

well dude im kind of like 180-185 lbs so right now id consider every part lagging, but yeah maybe a little bit extra to emphasize my especially weak parts (chest,arms,calves)

how long do i want to stay on high volume? well either till i A)reach 200lbs or B)stop getting stronger and stop getting bigger which is probably more likely

It’s ok. I’d consider a “higher volume” phase transitory 'cause the best thing to do is find your optimal volume and progress from there (load, muscle-mind connection, etc…).

Go with “superman sets” by CT. Mix that with some straight 3x10 or 4x10 making sure each set lasts 30-60 seconds and rest only 30-90 seconds.