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Open Season: Low T, Start Cycling?


I'm 29 yo male recently diagnosed with low testosterone; 91 ng/dl. No prior steroid use, and no identifiable damage or reason for the low test. A year ago I was fine, and then one day without reason I woke up feeling like shit, and it never stopped.

I'm currently on the highest dose of Androgel and it makes somewhat of a positive difference. I'm likely going to be prescribed this or something like it forever, which is going to end what little test my body does produce.

So my question is, do I really have anything to lose by starting cycle test, and just keep going on one cycle after another? Other than possible gyno, which my current Doctor is keeping an eye on in case my medication begins it, do I have any health reasons not to go open season?



Go do some research on the difference in cycling and trt.

There is huge difference


Wow that's low.

What other tests have you done to check for another cause of low T?

I would try to get injections instead of androgel.

Like the above poster, trt and cycling are two different things. If you choose to cycle you should still take breaks in between blasts and cruise on your TRT dose. I would also wait to cycle once you have your trt in order and your hormones are all In check.