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 Two members of Congress, John Sweeney (New York), and Tom Osborne (Nebraska), filed a bill in October, 2002, to amend the Controlled Substance Act to ban every single type of andro supplement. This bill will be assigned to a Committee in 2003 for debate. If it passes, it will then move to the floor of the House and then the Senate where the legislation enjoys strong bipartisan support. If this happens, every type of andro supplement will become illegal next year and our country will become like Canada. What is the T-Mag staff and the rest of the supplement industry going to do to defeat this bill in Committee? Do we have the financial, political, and legal resources to fight this? Is the T-Mag readership going to sit back and let this happen or are they going to fight it? We better unify the entire industry on this issue right now while there is still time because the Representatives are going to move quickly on this bill when Congress returns for the new legislative session in January. This bill will close the legal loophole that currently allows the many andro derivatives to be sold legally over-the-counter and it we don't qunify ourselves on this issus, its all over for andro in 2003. I hope that the moderator will post this message because this bill is real, not just a rumor, and represents a huge threat to our legal right to legally purchase and consume  every type of andro supplement.    

Um, T-mag has already done a couple of articles on this.

What I want to know is why anyone would want to do this? This is fucking stupid. Why are people fighting against supplements like these that are found to be relatively safe and not even close to as powerful as steriods? This is craziness. All of those fucks in congress need to put on 35 lbs LBM and get themselves to around 7% BF before they can start pulling their shit. They are all a bunch of unhealthy, fat, old, diabetic fags! Why, in a country that is still dominated by men in government, are they banning supplements that can enhance male characteristics? Women get all of their damn cancer causing prescriptions and estrogen supplements without question. Why does the male hormonal system have to be shit on like this all the time?

Well, Tek, it doesn’t hurt to bring it up again if it’s that important. If you want to check the status of bill HR5564, search at http://thomas.loc.gov/ home/thomas.html (remove the space if any). I just did this myself and it said: "Latest Major Action: 11/12/2002. Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security. " Any of your representatives serve on this committee? Find out and write them. Let’s see if any of you guys can do some legwork too.

Hey, at least we all get extra badass points for roid dealing. Regardless, this is stupid: it’s reasoning along the lines of “ephedrine is illegal. ephidrine is a good cold medication. Therefore, all cold medications should be illegal.” Maybe ephedrine should be, because it’s “dangerous,” but that doesn’t mean that things like ephedrine should be. When was the last time some kid made the news because he got gyno or roid raged when he was on andro? Regardless, fuck whatever bill it is. Stock up before prices go through the roof, I don’t think it’s getting any better.

Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Members

Mr. Smith, Chairman - (Texas)

Mr. Green - (Wisconsin)

Mr. Scott

Mr. Coble - (North Carolina)

Ms. Jackson Lee - (Texas)

Mr. Goodlatte - (Virginia)

Mr. Meehan - (Massachusetts)

Mr.Chabot - (Ohio)

Mr. Delahunt - (Massachusetts)

Mr. Barr - (Georgia)

Mr. Schiff - (California)

Mr. Keller - (Florida)

Mr. Pence - (Indiana)

When AAS got scheduled it was against the advice of the AMA. That should tell you that real danger or health concerns weren’t behind it. Senators and Congressmen are just as susceptible to BS as anyone else and that’s what this is about.

Personally I’d rather see a law making the supplement manufacturers show proof of their claims, but that will never happen.

Very good work Marcus and Colin.
I am from Florida but live in Spain.
The site for Mr. Keller is www.house.gov/ keller/Frset.htm I will e-mail him.
The only argument I can think of that will not make us all look ridiculous is that anabolic supplements are an alternitive for people not to get involved with illegal anabolic steroids.(I feel we should be able to use them under the guidance of a physician.)
I do not think writing letters calling congressmen ugly,fat,stupid fags is the way to go.
This is even more serious than alot of you think. I is a true test of our ability to fight for our rights and civil liberties.
I am quite surprised that after T-nation was formed that we haven?t made any progress as a group. What about the idea of someone writing a decent letter that really puts this all into perspective and we all sign it. The idea of OH, go out and stock up on it and hide your head in the sand is Bad. What are you going to do when it runs out and you wake up one day and realize that you don?t have the right to choose what you want to use to better yourself in a legal way. Just sit back like a person without a brain and let everybody tell you what you can do with yourself and don?t doubt it. Don?t raise your voice, don?t voice your opinion. Be a good little mushbrain, don?t fight back, and for goodness sake don?t think for yourself.
We have alot of work to do. T-Nation isn?t just about getting supplements at a discount price and a cute little T-shirt. I thought it was about Fighting for your Rights !!!

Hey Kip

I agree 100%. I searched the Web looking for a standard letter that I thought someone would?ve already written that I could sign and send myself (Ohio) but couldn?t find one. I find it hard to believe with all the supplement companies looking at losing a lot of revenue that they haven?t started a grass roots movement by now. Does anyone want to take a crack at a first draft

The reasonable part of me agrees with you that writing to my congress man and calling him and uniformed, fat ass, prick will do no good. But the T-man in me just loves that idea.

Didn?t check my typing errors before posting.
Hope the point was clear though.

BTW - Here are a couple of useful links if you don’t know who your Representative is or if you want to write to them:

www.house.gov/house/ MemberWWW_by_State.htm


Man was I glad to read that you agree.
I have been thinking about this for weeks and wondering why nobody is really writing anything constructive.
Good to know that at least 3 of us and surely the T-Mag staff are on it.

Why do these question marks show up when you put in an apostrophe? (?) I saw it in your post too. Now I know I didn?t type that bad.

Good Luck and let?s see if we can get these Lazy T-Maggers off their big fat Congressmen like butts.

So I sent some e-mail to a couple of the supplement makers and asked if they were doing anything or knew of anyone doing anything so we do not have to re-create the wheel here. Soon as I hear something back I will let you know.

I guess the apostrophe is a HTML character that does not translate to these posts, that sucks.

Have been looking around and started a thread on .thinkmuscle. hoping to get more people interested in this.
I didn?t have time to read alot on the site but seems interesting.
Hope this will help. Just can?t sit back and do nothing.

Hey Kip & Anyone else reading this thread. I just heard back from Rick Collins. He is the Lawyer that wrote “Legal Muscle” and was featured in this last weeks online issue. Here is his reply, that I take as good news:


Hi Colin,

Yes, I’m very familiar with the bill and am leading the charge to defeat it. I had numerous meetings in Washington earlier this week on behalf of a coalition of prohormone companies. We will begin seeking public support for our campaign against the bill in the coming weeks. Look for further info at www.SteroidLaw.com in mid December.


Rick Collins

Kip, I think the question mark that appears in the middle of contractions – “don’t,” “can’t” and won’t" – or possessives comes from creating the text outside of the Message window that’s provided. Some people like to write their responses in MS Word, say, spell check it, and then cut and paste. Somehow the cut and paste between the two doesn’t work as seamlessly as one might hope.

Colin, you sure know how to get in touch with the right people.
What a relief to know that Rick Collins is handling this.
I was impressed with the interview and the work he does.
I also thought about him when I read the article & that he would know about the andro ban, but…you were constructive and got in touch with him.
Thankyou, will be interesting to follow this.
I was very happy and quite impressed that you got in touch with him. His response to you was very nice.

Thanks Terry, Tampa… Sounds familiar; I am from Ft. Myers. Would like to be there to shop for Biotest products. Very expensive in Europe.