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Open or Closed Trap Bar?


I decided to buy a trap bar but the catalogs have two types. Is there any advantage to the open ended bar (where you can walk up to the bar rather than step into it)? The only thing that comes to mind is a balance issue. I doubt that I'd ever go over 400# if that helps.


If both bars feel the same and you can lift the same on both, its a matter of personal preference at that point.

As a side note, T-Nation is working on their own Trap Bar design which sounds VERY promising if you can hold out for a little bit. There is no ETA, but the Live Spills have at least suggested it will not be years away.


trap bars a trap bar. i imagine an open one might allow for farmers walks.


Thanks to both of you, good input. Lonnie, can you tell me where I can read about the trap bar? I haven’t been keeping up w/ the Indigo spills. I imagine that’s where the info is.


Steve, There isnt really a ton of info on the bar honestly. Its been a small point of discussion in some of the live spills in the last few weeks, here is the gist:

  • the handles will have a slight angle to them to fit the natural alignment of the hands better

  • Handles will be a tad thicker than most trap bars, and possibly have a special shape to them to contour to the hand better

  • They are talking about having a mechanism built in to keep the bar from tilting while you lift it

  • The bar will be extended so you can use more plates on it, and use it in the power rack

  • The shape of the bar will allow for weighted jumps with no danger of hitting the bar

Thats everything I can think of off the top of my head. They really seem to have covered the “Wouldnt it be nice if trap bars had…” kind of stuff from my reading of the spills.


Sounds great, especially the length 'cos I have a power rack. Guess I’ll wait. Thanks!


congrats, hardest fuckin exercise ever


Did this trap bar come out? If so how can I get one because I cannot find any contact info to contact tnation. Would appreciate the help because I would like to purchase this bar. Thank you for help .


Yep, the Dead-Squat bar is available here.

You might also want to take a look at this pretty thorough review:

And here’s a thread (from 2013) with some member reviews to read.


Thank you. I thought they were coming out with an open end trap bar. That is what I was waiting for. Any suggestions on where to get one?


[quote=“one4, post:10, topic:175003”]
I thought they were coming out with an open end trap bar. That is what I was waiting for.[/quote]
I don’t remember seeing anything about that even being considered, but really, there’s no added benefit to having an “open” bar compared to a basic/full/“closed” bar.

The Dead-Squat bar is purposely oversized and allows lunges, rear foot-elevated work, and pretty much anything else you’d want to do. So you’re not missing anything from an open design.

Nope, sorry.