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Open nutrition question

i’m a football player and i would like to put on 5-10 quality lbs this summer. right now i’m 6’1" 220, and probably about 10% bf. i have an idea of what i want to do to put on this weight but i would like to hear other people’s opinions. i’ll be lifting on monday, tuesday, thursday, friday. mostly big lifts and o-lifts. 30 to 40 minutes of sprint training three days a week. any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Massive Eating

And some good training.

If that doesn’t work, then add some MAG-10 the mix.

But training is most important, followed by good training.

I must be dumb today.

I meant to say “add MAG-10 to the mix.”

And “nutrition is most important followed by good training.”

that’s cool man. thanks for the comments.

If you wanna put on only 5-10 lbs, I would start using Kettlebells. I got leaner and put some serious meat between the shoulders and back. Not to mention the benefit football players could use from KB’s.

After my senior year (Winter to summer) I was able to gain 40 pounds of mostly lean muscle to perpare for being an O-lineman at the college level, because of two things.

  1. Massive eating

  2. Started out using Ian King’s split in the winter into early spring then into Westside style program till the season started.

Although a bit disproportional at the time, I held most of my weight on my legs and since my hamstrings were alot stronger I had one of the best sprints and full squats on the team (before i hurt my lower back, but it has given me a chance to let my upper body catch up)

What the fuck is up w/ Kettlebells and swiss balls? Is iron not good enough?

I agree w/ Nate Dogg